Home office dwellers, your workspace need not be only gray, blue, beige, or any other standard color! You can add splashes of your favorite colors that will turn the unmotivating room into a welcoming and joyful space.

From your desk accessories to office furniture and hard surfaces, every corner of your home office is a good candidate for colors.

So if you are ready to give a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to add calming home decor colors to your office, try out the following ideas. These are sure to beautify your workspace while helping to boost your productivity.

Deck Your Wall with Wall Art

A little office wall art can make a big impact on your life and your productivity. Studies show that artwork makes us feel positive, peaceful, creative, and happier. That's why having a wall art in your home office makes sense.

A wall art hanging on your wall can reduce stress and improve your overall productivity. It can be a photograph or painting of a landscape, an abstract painting, a large sculpture, or a textile artwork. 

Suspension Bridge Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Soften the Look with Textiles

Try adding colorful area rugs, curtains, and toss pillows for your chair that will soften the overall look of your working space.

You can choose shades that easily blend with the overall color scheme and enliven your office space. You can top off the room with desk accessories that will instantly transform the look and feel of the area.

A patterned throw pillow or rug also created a foolproof color palette. Choose a neutral base and pull from your favorite accent color to add colors as needed.

home office rug

Set the Stage with Colorful Furniture

Colorful furniture is one of the best ways to decorate your home office. Bring sophisticated colors to your space with office furniture. Plastic and acrylic office furniture is another sweet and easy way to bring colors to a home office.

In simpler words, you should choose furniture that sparks creativity, helps boost productivity, and evokes character you need while working. And, elegant and colorful furniture can help achieve it.

Colorful upholstered and fabric chairs and sofas can add dimension and more colors to otherwise dull office decor.

pops of color home office

Bring Vivacious Red Brilliance

Combine red with grey to yield a bolder and exciting proposition. Red has the power to transform the ambiance of any space instantly. Accents of red combined with gray looks even more striking.

With that being said, make sure you do not overdo the room with red! Have a storage unit in bright red, a chair and a rug in a glowing red and a floating cabinet in scarlet.

You can even get an entire accent wall painted in crimson to revitalize your otherwise mundane home office.

Pop of red in the home office

Add Fun with Orange

Orange can instantly turn any tasteless and unappealing setting into an incredible and unique ambiance.

Once again, we suggest starting with small accents and simple accessories to give your workspace a thoughtfully curated look. Keep the rest of your home office neutral and avoid too many colors.

If you love and feel comfortable with orange, you can even paint a striking orange accent wall. It can give your gray home office a stylish, fresh, and sunny makeover.

orange wall home office

Succulents and Live Plants

Having indoor plants is an instant and easy way to add colors to your home office. Get some exotic and easy-to-care houseplants.

Succulents and living plants are a cost-effective way to add calmness, style, and color to your workstation. These will add lushness, vibrancy, and a lively feel to your space. What's more, houseplants improve the oxygen level and sweep the air clean.

Some of the best plants for your desk are Aglaonema, Bromeliads, Dracaena, African Violet, Gerber Daisy, to name a few.

greenery home office

Office and Desk Accessories

Get some cute notebooks, a colorful stapler, a designer coffee cups, letter trays, and other desk accessories.

These cute, little, affordable office and desk accessories will bring in lovely colors to your workstation. It will add interest to your space while making you enjoy working all day long.

home office accessories

Task Lighting

If you own a white tabletop or a light oak laminate surface, task light with some color can add pizzazz and style to your space.

To make your colors pop, you can add some accent lighting that highlights colorful design elements, such as a painting, a sculpture, and even a bookcase.

Make sure to keep the effect minimal to avoid an overwhelming feeling. A colorful pendant can bring dimension comfortably and unexpectedly. Ideally, go for a soft hue to create a warm and calming vibe.

Pink Paris Pop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Final Words

When it comes to adding pops of color to your workplace, get creative, and think outside the box.

Consider bringing colors to your walls, workstation, and furniture to add richness and boldness to your home office. The right colors will make your office peaceful and enjoyable while keeping it from looking dull.



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