A “man cave” is a sleek space to call your own. From the office to the playroom, everyone has their own personalized corners of the home, and the man cave is all yours! Wow your buddies with a sophisticated atmosphere and designer details. An easy way to add some curated character to your man cave is hanging wall art! Don’t let your space look bland and boring. Add visual dimension with a print that exemplifies your unique style. This article is full of expert tips to take your man cave to new heights. From choosing a fitting color scheme to selecting the perfect canvas, we’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of creating a man cave with panache and style. Let’s dive in!

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A Masculine Room

A Sleek Style

Effortlessly Cool Colors

Man Cave Wall Art: Sizes

Man Cave Artwork: Shapes

Inspiring Décor Topics

Your man cave should be a getaway from reality. No matter the season, create a space that feels like vacation. Leave work behind you, and pour a glass of whiskey or cognac in your favorite chair. Cozy furniture is key in a relaxing space. Don’t cut corners when it comes to comfort. Splurge on a quality sofa or lounge chair for the perfect space to kick back and feel your stress melt away. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice color for a sophisticated space! Furniture can be a great way to add a subtle touch of cool to your man cave. Choose a piece of wall art that complements the color of your furniture. Go with a print that acts as a throwback to pleasant times gone by. Retro artwork is super trendy for 2022. There are tons of clever ways to blend masculinity with vintage details.

Expert Tips for Man Cave Wall Décor

Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, consider a print from our “vintage poster collection.” Retro getaways are the perfect theme for a chill, stylish man cave. Choose a sunny print of Cuba, or another sophisticated vacation destination. Imagine sailing away on a sleek yacht with a cocktail in hand on a balmy afternoon. Pick from a single-panel print that’s reminiscent of a true vintage poster, or go with a multi-panel canvas for modern twist. Hang your retro piece of artwork on a blank wall to brighten up your space without overwhelming it. Let your trendy wall art inspire the rest of your man cave, and opt for dynamic décor.

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A Masculine Room

It’s a delicate balance to create a space that looks masculine without looking cold. The biggest mistake men make when curating their room is focusing only on functionality. When it comes to expert décor, it’s all in the minor details. Little adjustments like adding artwork or high-end accessories can make all the difference. Don’t underestimate the power of decorative pieces like a bar cart or a wooden coffee table. Ensure your space has even, soft lighting to warm up your space. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a luxury media console or a vintage pool table for entertainment. Choose wall art that reflects your interests with an artistic twist.

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Beyond Man Cave Artwork: Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for creating a male-oriented space that still looks cozy and inviting:

"Creating a sophisticated, masculine scape by combining clean lines and functionality. Embrace personal items that hold significant meaning, but don’t go overboard with clutter. A masculine space usually has a very classic, simplified design where texture is more important than color or busy décor. Select organic textures and materials such as wood, metals, and natural fabrics like jute or wool."

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A Sleek Style

It’s all in the finishes when it comes to creating a space that looks expensive. Experiment with deep, glossy wood tones like chestnut and cherry. You can’t go wrong with leather furnishings. While it’s important to make your space look full rather than barren, you shouldn’t go overboard with chaos and clutter. Avoid an empty space, but choose your décor wisely. Only display furniture and décor that will work in harmony to elevate your space.

Expert Décor Tips

Steal this professional design tip from our expert article on how to decorate a modern interior:

“Ditch ornate adornments and busy designs and swap out chaos for calm. A modern space is meant to look simple, sleek, and low-profile. Make your wall art the center of attention, and give your guests something to marvel at in the middle of your neutral sanctuary. The composition of your space should be well-balanced, which is why you must be intentional when it comes to filling empty areas. You can’t go wrong when it comes to modern art!”

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Effortlessly Cool Colors

Neutrals are the universal standard for man cave décor. However, there are plenty of neutral variations to consider. If you choose to use brown, decide whether you prefer a natural tan, or a dark chocolate tone. Shades that are slightly muted tend to look best in contemporary spaces. Explore off-white rather than stark white, and slate instead of bright blue.

Black and Cyan Man Cave Ideas

You don’t have to stray away from color altogether. As long as you use a neutral base, you can add pops of saturation with the right composition. Use a soft variation of black like charcoal, and pair it with a subdued mix of sage and cyan. Plus, you can’t go wrong with shades inspired by nature like pale green and grey-blue.

Beyond Man Cave Artwork: Expert Tips

Finally, we have to mention the classic man cave color – grey. Rae Ferraiuolo, Principal Designer at Haute Haus, shares his thoughts on incorporating grey:

"Grey is an extremely versatile color. Use cool-tone light greys in your wall paint if you'd like a contemporary baseline for your furnishings and decor that will not overwhelm the space or make it feel small. Darker, slightly warm-tone greys will help to create a feeling of enclosure and introduce a masculine aspect. Layer your greys for a minimalist monotone effect, or contrast them with neutrals to soften."

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Man Cave Wall Art: Sizes

If you’re stumped on choosing a canvas size for your man cave, we’re here to help! Check out these comprehensive passages from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide:

“Your wall art should take about 60% to 75% of the available empty wall space, the portion not covered by moldings or furniture. Measure the height and width of the wall. Now, multiply the measurements by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will get the range of canvas print sizes to suit the space.

For instance, if your blank wall is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide, multiply 9 by 0.6 to get the low end of the ideal height range. Then multiply 9 by 0.75 to get the high end of the ideal height range. Do the same for your wall's 5 feet width. The ideal height of the canvas would be 5.4 feet- 6.75 feet and the ideal width would be 3 feet - 3.75 feet.”

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Man Cave Artwork: Shapes

Once you’ve decided on the approximate size of your new print, it’s time to consider your ideal shape and layout. For a simple, striking look, go with a single-panel canvas in either a square or rectangular shape. If you’d rather go with a more unexpected design, consider our multi-panel canvases in 2-5 pieces. For something unapologetically funky, our 7-piece hexagonal canvas is just your style. If you want a canvas that will take up less space while still radiating style, consider our vertical or panoramic-shaped prints.

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Inspiring Décor Topics

Looking for more guidance on interior design? We have a whole blog full of modern trends to spark your creativity. Check out our inspiration blog for a whole host of décor-themed articles. Add more trending themes and accessories to your man cave, or learn how to design other rooms in your home. The possibilities are endless. Good luck!

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