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4th of July is just around the corner, and it means shining stars and lots of red, white, and blue! Yay!

So this Independence Day let’s have a real blast! Not just play patriotic tracks and host a BBQ. This year, give your home a motivating decoration with flags, sparklers, stars, and much more. That’s all without breaking the bank! 

In this post, we have rounded some creative 4th of July decoration ideas for you. Ready, set, celebrate!

DIY Ribbon Decorations

Just imagine how sweet your home would look with colorful ribbon decorations! Plus, it's an opportunity to show your creativity and please your guests!

There are so many options! Making a ribbon chandelier is very easy, all you need is two wreath forms made of metal - get one small and one big. Also, get a wire to make a simple and elegant frame for creating ribbons’ layers. And of course, ribbons in red, white and blue! 

You can also tie sweet bows and hang them around the house or even on your fence and windows. So festive!

4th of july diy decoration

Inspiring Wall Art

Add a patriotic flair to your walls with Fourth of July inspired wall art. Your choices are endless!

You can choose from a wide collection of American flags that come in a range of styles, sizes, and layouts.

American flag wall art

Besides flags, you can choose a canvas print that features the country’s famous landmarks, your favorite city, national symbols, or something alike. That is all up to your personal preferences. 

NYC collection

You can also check our clearance sale for amazing prices! 

Patriotic Table Setting 

Treat your dining table to festive colors and decorations!

Collect and tie off your napkins using a patriotic color palette that features red, blue, and white.

Bundle your utensils in white-and-blue linen using cute-looking red napkin rings or ribbons. It's not only unique but also takes your decor theme to a whole new level;.

Make sure your utensils and plates match the theme!

4th of july table setting

Stars Charger Plate

If you want to take your dining table to the next level, invest in timeless patriotic charger plates!

This one-time investment will pay every year. It will spice up the dining table, set a cheerful tone, and match your holiday cupcakes! 

charger plate 4th of july

American Flag Mason Jars

Wake up your creative juices, get some mason jars, and have fun! This is the ideal project for every true lover of mason jars.

If you're feeling artistic (and we all know that art affects the mood), paint each jar following the flag pattern. After they get dry you can fill those jars with beautiful flowers.

Or if you're looking for a creative dish, then go with tasty fruit! Fill the jar with red and blue fruit. Not only will those fruit-filled jars beautify your table, but they also taste amazing!

4th of july dessert

Festive Backyard

Don't neglect your backyard, it's part of your celebration! Plus, it invites the entire neighborhood to enjoy your beautiful decorations.

So be sure to cover your lawn with stars and patriotic colors! 

With a sturdy cardboard stencil, it is easy to cover your medium-sized lawn in cute and chic starts in less than an hour. So quick, no?

You can also place flags in red, white, and blue watering cans across your backyard for a truly festive touch.

4th of july american flag backyard

Wrapping Up

Which idea do you like the most? 

Celebrate the country’s independence with great decorations and festivity. Fourth of July is just about a month away, and it’s the right time to start your preparations. So get ready to beautify your home! 

Happy 4th of July!



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