Did you already meet Pantone's color of the year? Welcome ‘Classic Blue’, the universal favorite color in 2020! The color company Pantone described Classic Blue as the hue of confidence, calmness, and connection. So in the coming year, one of your New Year's resolutions for your home should definitely be to embrace this lovely and timeless color.
Let’s see how you can incorporate this stunning color into your home decor.

Kitchen Blues

Lend a hint of royalty to your kitchen using the accessories and kitchenware in the Classic Blue color. If you own a white kitchen, a classic blue brick backsplash, and some blue chairs alongside the island create an elegant cooking space. You can pair it with soft pastel shades of blue or white to create a classic look for your kitchen. The best candidates for this are the sink wall, backsplash, and kitchen accessories.

Amp It Up With Orange Accents

According to color experts, the mid-tone blue blends well with coppers and gold shades. Yellow is the best complementary shade of blue, and fortunately, you can move around to the orange shade for an uplifted vibrancy to your home decor.
Classic Blue paired with orange looks super bold and works best in all areas of your home. You don’t need to paint your walls orange, simply add in an orange carpet, decor accents, or anything you like.

Marina Tulum Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Pair It With Houseplants

Green shade gives the Classic Blue a more natural touch. It adds airiness, calmness, and freshness to your space. You can paint one wall or a portion of it with a leafy green shade. If you are looking for something simplest, bring in outdoor settings indoor. Place houseplants against the wall painted in the Classic Blue color. It not only adds freshness and tones to your home decor but also freshens and purifies the indoor air.

Classic Blue Wall Art

Enliven your walls using an attractive Classic Blue wall art. A huge variety of beautiful and intriguing wall art items are available on ElephantStock for you to choose from. You can choose underwater sceneries, the famous Starry Night art, city skylines, and more, to add a dramatic touch to your walls. The options are endless and the impact is super powerful.

The Starry Night Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Add Chic Classic Chairs

Traditional seating with stylish silhouettes feels and appears undeniably contemporary in Classic Blue and white combination. Surround the table in your dining room with these lovely chairs upholstered in the Classic Blue that matches the shade of the wallpaper, creating a sophisticated space.

Layer on Bed Linens

You can pair Classic Blue with different shades of blue when making your bed. It will work wonderfully in your bedroom while instilling a feeling of calmness and breeziness. Layering bed in different shades of blue adds instant charm and freshness to your space.

Final Words

Try to have these chairs look polished and repeat the hues on the walls of your dining room with a large art that will appeal to the eyes.
Some other ways to incorporate Classic Blue in your home decor are using timeless China, go for crisp striped rugs, and play up floral in wallpapers.



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