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Expecting a child is such an exhilarating time! It is an experience full of emotions that cannot be described with words. With excitement levels high, there are various preparations to be made before welcoming your new baby.

Designing the nursery can be a fun activity to reduce stress as you anticipate the arrival of your baby. A new nursery will fill your home with joy and your heart with happiness as you cannot wait to welcome your newborn. 

With the following adorable nursery ideas, you can design a calm and cozy space for your baby to grow. Let’s take a look!

Keep the Balance

It is not necessary to make your nursery look overly cute to the point it is almost sugary! 

You can introduce soft pastel colors for the interiors and fill the nursery with the right balance of brightness for the newborn baby. These calming shades are good for mother and baby to bond and grow.

You can style the nursery with vintage cot and chairs giving it a classical, refined look. Coordinate bright colors for upholstery and linens to complement the calming interiors.

cotton candy rainbow wall art

Floral Affairs

If you are expecting a girl, consider floral designs for your nursery. You can incorporate the floral backdrop against the crib to give a soothing sensation to the room.

In addition, you can use soft colors like baby pink with a touch of gray to balance the natural light beaming in the room. Floral artwork or wallpaper will fill the room with warmth and coziness.

You can use light-colored floral linens for the crib. And for a real authentic touch, adding a vase with fresh flowers will make the room bloom with happiness.

Garden Friends Play White Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Wooden Touch

If flowers aren’t your thing, consider a wooden touch. Wood gives a room a natural feeling without the fuss.

A wooden crib with laminate flooring is the perfect start. Add a light rug next to the crib to fill the nursery with warmth. Stick to soft shades to balance the hardness of the wood. 

Wooden shelves filled with toys will add playfulness and functionality to the room. Keep it simple with building blocks and an old-fashioned rocking horse.

wooden shelves nursery

Accent Walls

Blend a combination of bright and bold shades in your nursery with an accent wall. It will give your nursery a playful look. While some walls hold a brighter shade, let that one wall stand in pride with a bold shade for optimum balance.

Whether your accent wall is cacti green or deep blue, it will be a unique transformation. Carry on the unique look with a vintage-styled crib and chairs. Welcome your newborn in style!

Blue accent wall nursery

A Jungle Theme

You can really make your nursery stand out with a jungle theme. A white backdrop will allow the bright colors to pop, bringing joy and playfulness to the room.

Bold tree murals on the wall with white background also set a perfect jungle mood.

Make the nursery giggle with a collection of stuffed animals. Parrots, monkeys, and frogs, oh my!

The Big Jungle Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Cloudy Connection

A nursery decorated with big, puffy clouds is sure to calm and soothe your baby. Paint a blue sky with white clouds on the walls and ceiling. 

You can complement the blue and white clouds with a soft, white rug on the floor. Incorporate a wooden crib and other simple, classic-style furniture.

With pastel curtains, a perfect blend of shades will fill your nursery with serenity.

pastel animal cartoon canvas wall art

Some Last Thoughts…

Introducing a newborn to this world is such an exciting time and decorating the nursery is a great way to channel that enthusiasm.

Maybe you want to go over-the-top with an elaborate design, or perhaps you are looking for ideas to decorate on a budget. It doesn’t matter what theme, colors, or furnishings you choose, you will be welcoming your newborn to a nursery that you designed with love!

Congratulations from all of us at ElephantStock! 🍼



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