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Make the most of spooky season this Halloween! Embrace your inner child and decorate your space with the Halloween spirit. As the air turns crisp and the leaves start to fall, there’s no better time to give your interior an autumnal makeover. Celebrate the upcoming festivities with jolly jack o’ lanterns and decorative spider webs. Switch up your wall art and welcome the Halloween fun with open arms.

Let your neighbors marvel at your seasonal style, and make your home the most festive on the block. We’ve compiled a list of simple ways to totally transform your interior and exterior. Halloween 2020 is just around the corner, so there’s no time like the present to explore spooky décor.

Pumpkins and Gourds Galore

The first image that comes to mind with the phrase “Halloween home décor” is undoubtedly pumpkins. However, there are tons of different ways to incorporate pumpkins – beyond the classic porch-side jack o’ lanterns. While carved pumpkins never go out of style, you can also include shelf-size pumpkins, pumpkin lanterns, and pumpkin prints.


Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Beautiful Bones and Spooky Skulls

Bones may seem morbid as a household accessory, but there are plenty of sophisticated ways to include this spooky trend. Oddity shops house plenty of skeletal decorations for a gorgeous goth interior. Another easy way to add skulls in a tasteful way is to hang gothic prints of cinematic horror.


Elegantly Crafted Skull Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Glamorously Gothic

Give in to your ghostly desires with gothic art. Our shadowy collection of spooky scenes is equal parts creepy and chic. Halloween is all about finding a balance between the beautiful and the bizarre. Our dark-toned, Halloween wall art collection is suitable for any interior, and our prints will stay looking pristine year after year. Impress your guests with gorgeous gothic art, and find your favorite eerie piece.


Spider Web Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Dine by Candlelight

Candles are an essential Halloween decoration, as they create a darkly romantic atmosphere. There’s no such thing as too many candles – the more the better! You want to create the illusion of a haunted manor using ornate candelabras dripping with wax and glamour. Experiment with a variety of candlesticks, and don’t be afraid to mix and match styles. Pair your decorative candles with red roses for a truly gothic aesthetic.


 Red Rose Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Embrace the Dark Side

Black has always been a popular shade for interior design, especially during the fall and winter.  You can combine carbon black with softer shades like charcoal and foggy grey for a monochromatic (albeit multidimensional) color palette. Explore deep greens and navy blues along with your deep black tones, and dare to go darker with your overall design. Pair your new deep colored accessories with a misty print of a haunted forest to complete the look.


Forest Silhouette Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Commit to Crazy Colors

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with bold colors and quirky trends, now is the time to take the plunge! Halloween is a characteristically kooky time of year, which makes it totally acceptable to play with shades like bright orange and blood red. Take inspiration from haunted mansions and Victorian design and look for Halloween home décor in deep, vibrant colors.

Switch out your throw pillows for more Halloween-appropriate colors, and hang gothic Halloween wall art. Turn your living room into a den of mysteries by incorporating black, purple, emerald, and rouge. Use accessories like skulls and spooky wreaths to capture the essence of the season, and don’t forget homemade halloween decorations like ghostly garlands!

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 Silver Rose Skull Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Spooktastic Trends

There are plenty of creative ways to sprinkle some Halloween magic in your home. From switching color palettes to adding autumn accessories, it’s easy to redesign your space for fall. Wow guests with your commitment to spooky season with homemade Halloween decorations, and make the most of this thematic time of year. Throw an intimate soiree with a Halloween party theme, because seasonal décor has never been so simple!




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