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While you always want your home to look chic, staying on top of the latest trends might not be that easy!

The hot months seem to bring brighter shades and breezy styles, but this summer is like no other! As befits this unpredictable year, the trends of summer 2020 are surprising as well!

To help you make sense of it all, we've gathered our ElephantStock Art Specialists, analyzed data from over 3 Million online home decor searches, and teamed up with leading designers to identify the top 6 styles and colors that are on-trend.

Are you ready to reveal the most popular styles for the hot months? Let's dive right in!

Hottest Styles

The style you choose for your home is the best way to express yourself! Combining trendy elements with your own personal touch, will give a refreshing feel to your home and create a space you enjoy spending time in.

1. Boho

This is the style we can never get enough of, and summer 2020 is all about Boho!

"Boho has been in trend for a few years", says Yoko Chow, Interior designer and owner of Yoko Chow Design LLC, CA. As it evolves, she explains, "it is easier to take it into any room just to add a little character to the space."

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Bohemian summer trend

2. Typography

This year we are seeing an increasing demand for typography wall art! What's your favorite saying to display on your walls?

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Typography home decor summer trend

3. Rainbows

Nothing adds better vibes to your space than colorful rainbows! As we associate rainbows with feeling happy and hopeful, no wonder they are becoming so popular during these uncertain times.

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Instant Camera Rainbow Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Chow continues: "All three of these styles permit similar means of presenting one’s values and lifestyle. Interior design is transitioning from merely following trends but becoming more unconventional and unique to individuals."

Trending Colors

The colors you choose to decorate with can dramatically affect your mood and set the tone for the entire space.

"Please be mindful that a slight adjustment in the tone and/or shade can make a significant impact on the overall ambiance," says Chow. "I’d suggest starting with fewer colors and adding some shades later on, which will add more depth and character to your space."

1. Black 

Although darker shades are more associated with winter, this summer we're seeing a lot of blacks!

"Black is usually applied to make a bold statement as it can give a strong contrast," Chow says. "It is important to choose colors not to overwhelm but to complement each other or supplement the color palette."

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Black summer trends

2. Blue

As Classic Blue was selected the color of the year by Pantone, it is not surprising that we're seeing blue gaining popularity even through the summer!

"Blue reminds you of nature as the earth is referred to as a 'big blue marble' and is frequently used in a beach house or summer-related conditions. Lighter hues are known to evoke a calming and peaceful feeling."

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Blue decor trend

3. White

This all-time classic color is making waves this summer!

"White seems to appear more often in interior scenes today given it can provide the best canvas to emphasize accents you want to add to a space," says Chow.

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White home decor summer trend


This summer, we're seeing many old and new trends, but as always, it is important to choose the styles and colors that let your personality truly shine through!

Want to check out more TRENDING artworks?

These are our top 150 trending art pieces >>

We wish you a wonderful and trendy summer! ☀️



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