The biggest shopping holidays - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Are you excited like us?
If you haven't already marked your calendar, this year Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd, three days after Black Friday.
With that in mind, are you ready to make the most out of these shopping events? Lucky we have some smart shopping tips that will help you find the best deals under your budget! (Plus, we have a hidden treat for you! Read on to find it).

Follow Deals Prior Black Friday

If you want to score great deals, start by checking out sites before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Do your research so when the sales start, you are well prepared and won't be overwhelmed by irrelevant offers. You can follow deals by the name of the brand or type of product you’re looking for. Some websites offer Black Friday deals in advance around Thanksgiving.
If you have a lot of shopping to do on the holidays, spend some time on Google to search for the best possible deals the week before Cyber Monday.

Make a List Before the Sale Starts

Online shopping on Black Friday can be great if you know what you’re looking for. Make a shopping list well before the sales start. This will help you with easy research of the products from different online sites, so you can get a good deal from advertising hype. This will also help you to stay on a budget, if you have one.
And if you're ready to freshen up your walls, take a look at our Best Sellers Collection. We're planning a crazy holiday sale, and we're sure you'll find a few items you can add to your shopping list!

living room with multi panel wall art of wine barrels and wine glasses

Compare the Deals on Different Sites

Many online stores are claiming to offer the best Black Friday deals around. Many times, brands boast “80 percent off,” but 80 percent off what? So, to be clear about the offer, do some research about where you can get the best deals on your favorite items.

Get Notified by E-Mail

Sign up for your favorite stores’ e-mail alerts and get notified about the Black Friday sales in advance. Most stores or brands regularly include discounts in their e-mails, and for Cyber Monday, newsletters help you identify the very best deals available. Also, many sites offer a special reward to their subscribers, so it's a good idea to subscribe to the mailing list ahead of the sales. Want to get notified when ElephantStock's crazy sale starts? Just enter your e-mail address in the subscription box at the bottom of this page.
Plus, we have an exclusive coupon code for our readers. Read on to find it!

Use Card Rewards and Coupons

Since you’ll be shopping online on Cyber Monday - and most likely will use your credit card or debit card - why not earn some cashback? Some banks or brands offer special discounts, coupons and card rewards to their cardholders.
Look out for cashback offers to achieve an even bigger deal during your holiday shopping.

A Surprise for You

And here's a hidden treat for our blog readers: an exclusive coupon code just for you! Enjoy a $50 discount at checkout, on orders over $149 with this code: HUSH-HUSH

Happy shopping!



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