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  • Darlene Wylie
    Verified Buyer

    "Love it"

    Posted 2 years ago

  • Monique DeZiaueto
    Verified Buyer

    "Just as pictured, but as they say what colors you see on your monitor are not necessarily the colors you are going to get. I like the picture as I have always liked these 'window framed photos that hang on the wall. This particular one looks like someone may have turned the lights 'down when they took or copied the original photo, the overall 'shading of the picture is a little too dark to my liking, or maybe it is supposed to look that way, but it looked a lot 'brighter on 'my monitor. I still like it though and hung it on my wall. I am glad they make it "hang-up" ready by including the 'saw-tooth hanger piece on the back of each picture (canvas prints), makes it a lot easier to hang. Even with all of the "tips and tricks" they give you it is still hard to hang and get them 'level (I am only talking about two or more "canvas" panel prints that are required to be hung 'spaced apart and 'level to each other), because of the way (location) the 'saw-tooth hanger pieces are previously nailed into the back of each picture, it is hard to get each picture 'exactly level and even, because the 'saw-tooth hanger piece are not always nailed in 'identically (I mean to the 'metric degree) in the same 'exact space on the back of each picture and that makes a difference how the picture looks and how even and level you can get them next to each other when you nail the 'hooks in the wall to hold them. Maybe a little too high, then it goes a little too low, whew!! I would like to send you a photo, but I am not good with moving between my phone and computer. Why doesn't someone invent a 'camera on the end of a "USB" on some type of 'tether, then you can just wiggle it around and take your picture? They stick everything else on the end of "USBS", fans, lights, 'memory sticks and whatever else, so why not figure a way to make a camera that is powered by USB and lets you take pictures that can 'immediately show on your computer? (Oh well, you heard it from 'me 'first folks [I am not counting the cell phone, that's just my point, you shouldn't have to use your phone at all])."

    Posted 2 years ago

  • Larry Peak
    Verified Buyer

    "Awesome and fit my spot to the upmost!"

    Posted 3 years ago

  • Bibi Feliz
    Verified Buyer

    "BEAUTIFUL! Give's my four wall office a wonderful view =)"

    Posted 4 years ago

  • Jeanette Golden
    Verified Buyer

    "My window above the sink"

    Posted 4 years ago



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