If you’re keen on creating a vibrant interior, there’s no greater inspiration than Mexican interior design. Full of vivid variation and saturated shades, Mexican décor is bold and undeniably cheerful. Consider a Mexican color palette to give your space an elevated energy. Browse these ten tips for incorporating Mexican-inspired elements into your current interior. From colorful wall art to exciting textiles, discover this characteristically bright décor.

Hot Hot Pink

Bold magenta and hot pink tones are common in Mexican decorating. These striking shades are unapologetically fun and full of life. Add pops of bright pink throughout your space with fuchsia art and furniture.


Frozen Orchid Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tons of Texture

You can’t have too much texture when it comes to Mexican décor. Cover your bedding with woven blankets in a variety of patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting shades, as the plethora of bright hues only adds to the overall aesthetic.

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Décor Ideas Inspired by Mexico

Tropical Green

Because much of Mexico covers a tropical climate, it’s common to use lush green colors reminiscent of the rainforest. Use rich green shades throughout your home to hint at the natural landscape. This color is also excellent to use next to the more neon hues.

Terracotta Tones

Clay and terracotta are popular materials used in Mexican architecture. Borrow inspiration from these earthy icons. Hang a piece of Mexican artwork in a rusty red color, and pair it with a sofa in a terracotta hue. Accessorize with black and white décor in dynamic patterns. For another pop of color, consider hanging houseplants.

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Mexican Red Wall Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Turquoise Tint

There’s nothing more striking than a bold turquoise wall. Paint an accent wall in this classic Mexican teal tone, or cover an entire space in bright blue-green. Whether you decide to add a pop of turquoise or use it liberally throughout your interior, this color is essential for a Mexican-inspired home.

Ocean Blue

Mexico is full of stunning beaches, which makes the ocean a significant source of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Choose fabrics in this deep, cobalt color for a sea-infused look. Choose a multi-colored piece of Mexican artwork that includes this ocean blue hue.

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Mexican Skulls Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Trendy Tiles

A Mexican-inspired interior isn’t complete without ornate tile. Whether you need a new kitchen backsplash or you want to redo your fireplace, consider Mexican ceramic tile. Look for floral patterns and vivid colors to instantly elevate your space.

Desert Gold

This yellow-gold shade is also an iconic part of Mexican decorating. From the exterior of buildings, to mustard-toned textiles, this color is both warm and inviting. For that reason, golden yellow accents are perfect for communal living spaces.

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Quaint Street Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Pop of Pottery

Pottery is a popular art form in Mexico. Why not include pieces of stunning pottery and ceramics from Mexican artisans? Not only does Mexican pottery look beautiful, but it is also important to incorporate genuine Mexican décor for a more authentic space.

Striking Succulents

Cacti and succulents are abundant in Mexico. Potted plants will add an organic splash of color to your space, as well as visible texture. Choose small succulents or standing cacti, and watch your interior instantly become more visually appealing.

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Décor Ideas Inspired by Mexico

Mexican Decor Ideas

No matter whether you fall in love with the iconic bold color palette, or the incomparable Mexican textiles, there are several Mexican-inspired decor ideas that can brighten your interior. Discover wall art inspired by classic Mexican design, and create a bold, dynamic space.

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