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About Our Trade Program

Our trade program is designed for passionate business owners. We want to help you attract customers by creating a dynamic environment. Upon joining our trade program, you will gain access to an exclusive selection of artwork and services.

Our Customers Reviews

Merry Y.Real Estate Agent

When it comes to staging homes, it’s important that I have access to artwork that can complement a wide range of spaces. Their trade program specialists also send me custom suggestions for each listing. It makes my life way easier!

Wallace F.Interior Designer

My clients are always looking for top-trending wall art to modernize their homes. I’ve built a solid relationship with the ElephantStock trade program which has streamlined my decorating process. They’re very communicative and the discounts are unbeatable.

Leon W.Licensed Realtor

I just worked with ElephantStock’s trade team for the first time and I’ll definitely be reaching out again soon! I loved their picks and my clients actually said that their new art was their favorite part of their space! Thank you!!

Ryah W.Interior Designer

ElephantStock has the largest selection of art I’ve found online. Their trade team has helped me curate a collection for every client, no matter how unique or niche their taste. They nail it with their suggestions every time!

Jia T.Law Firm Partner

Who says a law office has to be boring? I wanted to create a welcoming environment for my clients and ElephantStock was a huge help! I would definitely recommend their trade program to fellow business owners looking to upgrade their office interior.

Yanni R.Design Consultant

You won’t find a better price for the quality. ElephantStock is reputable, personable, and dependable. Every experience with their trade team has been super smooth. I would recommend their trade program to both beginning and expert interior designers.

Curated Capsule Collections

Customized Moulding / Framing

If you’re searching for a specific style of frame, we have countless customizable choices. Work with our team to discover the perfect framing option for your desired layout. From changing the mat to adjusting the frame itself, our goal is to create your dream design.

Our Services

Personalized Curation

Our team will curate a collection of wall art for your business.

Unlock the power of personalized curation. Discover a world of wall art tailored specifically to the aesthetic of your business and company ethos.

Customizable Fine Art

We offer customizable options for a one-of-a-kind touch.

Create a completely unique space with customized wall art. We offer the distinct opportunity to personalize a selection of our best-selling prints.

Hand Embellishments

Our team will curate a collection of wall art for your business.

Opting for our hand-embellishment service allows you to set your prints apart. Our artists can add hand-painted elements to a selection of artwork.

Our Materials

We offer customizable options for a one-of-a-kind touch.

We are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality pieces that last a lifetime. We take pride in using exclusively top-tier materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! Our team will walk you through all of your top inquiries. Easily find the answer to our most-asked questions.