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Fall is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start prepping your home for the colder months ahead. Autumn marks the beginning of the holiday season, which is the perfect opportunity to give your home a cozy makeover.

Use fall fabrics, rich colors, and plenty of pumpkins to capture the spirit of Autumn. We’re going to walk you through the 12 easiest décor ideas to help you prep your home for the upcoming seasonal shift.

#1 Fill Your Space with Fall Blooms

Transform your living area with the simple addition of fall flowers and foliage. You can either choose to display live flora in vibrant fall colors, or hang wall art depicting the natural beauty of fall. Choose from a large canvas or a dynamic multi-panel piece to instantly brighten up a blank wall, such as this stunning seasonal scene:

Autumn Nature Soul Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

#2 Perfect Your Porch

Porch decorations are absolutely essential for capturing the energy of fall. Change your door mat for a design with autumn leaves, and switch your potted plants for pumpkins. Get ready for the upcoming chilly months, and grab a fall wreath to complete the look.

Autumn porch decorating ideas

#3 Wooden Wall Décor

Wood is a versatile material that radiates a sense of warmth. Hang wooden shelves and replace your metallic photo frames with organic wood. Commit to the natural look with wood that is raw and unpolished. You can also replace flowers in a vase with barren branches for a truly rustic vibe.

Wooden shelves autumn composition

#4 Three-Dimensional Designs

Autumn is the ideal season to embrace texture. From placing pinecones around the house to hanging baskets of your favorite fall flowers, fall should be a sensorial experience! Someone said a cozy throw blanket?

Autumn texture home decor

#5 Luminous Light

Stray away from harsh overhead lighting and illuminate your space with lamps and candlelight. Use yellow-toned, industrial-style bulbs with an oil-rubbed, brassy finish for optimal warmth. You want your entire space to glow. Plus, what better way to capture a fireside feel than with super soft light?

candlelight autumn living room

#6 Don’t Forget the Hallway

It’s easy to forget small spaces when decorating your home, but hallways are a great area to add some seasonal character! Use a fall-inspired runner on the floor, and hang your favorite family photos in this underutilized locale.

Autumn Fall Leaves Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

#7 Find the Perfect Pillows

Placing pillows is a simple, inexpensive way to change the whole energy of your living space. Look for decorative pillows with cozy fabric and warm-toned designs. You can also pick pillows with words and phrases that reflect the fall season.

Autumn home decor ideas

#8 Corn Isn’t Just for Eating

There’s nothing more delicious than grilled corn on a fall evening, but corn on the cob also works well as décor! Place decorative, dried corn all around your home. They never spoil, and these natural decorations come in several vibrant fall colors.

Autumn decoration ideas

#9 Go for Garlands

Garlands aren’t just for Christmastime, there are also gorgeous garlands that celebrate fall. From golden leaves to mini pumpkins, these autumn-inspired garlands can be draped in pretty much any room of the house.

Autumn Leaves Decorations

#10 Baskets of Beauty

When creating the perfect fall basket, there are only a few simple rules: use predominantly natural materials, incorporate some type of gourd, and accessorize with gold. Not only do they make a great holiday gift, fall baskets also add a little something special to any empty surface.

Autumn Basket

#11 Focus on the Kitchen

Because autumn is so heavily associated with cooking, your kitchen is the most important room to add fall-friendly details. Commit to a cornucopia of your favorite fall foods, or display decorative candles in sensational fall scents like pumpkin spice and crisp apple.

Autumn Kitchen

#12 Create a Centerpiece

Our twelfth and final tip for fall is to create a centerpiece for your dining table. Use painted pinecones, pumpkins, and of course, a few faux fall leaves. Mason jars are also a trendy container for holding ornamental cranberries and dried chestnuts. Happy decorating!

Autumn Centerpiece



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