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Are you looking for easy, affordable, and unique home decor? If yes, then DIY creations are a great option for you. And as a bonus, they also express your personality!

You can easily make and proudly display the DIY decor items in your home. From customized canvas prints to fun accessories, all creative crafts can change the look of your space in no time!

Try these 15 super cool DIY home decor ideas and creatively change the look of your space! 

Paint a Potted Plant

Cool DIY decor does not have to be expensive or complicated. When it comes to beautiful crafts, a painted potted plant is a great option. Take a pot, paint it with beautiful colors, and place it in the living area or bedroom for adding greenery in your home.

DIY home decor painted pot

Seashells Decorations

Can you be creative with your beach collectibles? Of course you can! There are many things you can do with seashells, from curtains on strings to mobiles and even chandeliers! Be creative! Your beautiful creation will bring home lovely memories from the beach. 

diy home decor seashells

Pallet Bookshelf 

Shelves can do more than hold books! They can act as decor elements as well. With recycled pallets, you can create a bookshelf of your choice and hang it on the wall. Displaying your favorite reads on these bookshelves will increase the beauty of your room in many ways. Further, it is the best way to store your books in a unique way.

diy home decor bookshelf

Customized Canvas Prints

Having canvas prints of meaningful vacations and family memories is the best DIY decor item! You can customize the canvas print with your favorite family phonograph or with your kid’s important milestone.
So, go ahead and personalize your space with a custom canvas print! There are multiple layouts, too! You can choose a 5-piece or a hexagon-shaped canvas print, or other stunning shapes!

Custom canvas photo print

Framed Leaves

Did you know that you can actually create art with the leaves from your backyard? Yes, we know, it's beautiful! Simply pick up a few fallen leaves and branches, even flowers, and frame them. The frames can be of different sizes and colors, to add diversity and visual interest. 

diy home decor framed leaves

Inspiration Board

Hang cardboard on the wall and with the help of pins stick inspirational quotes, images, magazines, and more. It is a great decor piece, which also acts as an inspirational item at home that keeps you motivated! 

diy home decor inspiration board

Candle Holder with Ropes

Use the ropes available in your home to make candle holders. DIY candle holders look beautiful in every room and increase the aesthetics of your space.
The best part is that you can also paint the ropes with different colors to make the candle holder a more attractive piece of decor. You can even attach name cards for your family members.

home decor diy candle holders

Playful Headboard

To decorate your bedroom, you can create a beautiful design with unique fabrics or materials and use them to cover your headboard. Also, you can cut colored fabrics in different geometric shapes and paste them behind your bed. This is an amazing DIY headboard idea.

diy home decor decorated headboard

Clothesline Picture Holders

The clothesline picture holder is a great way to hang your photographs in style. Further, you can hang up notes, greeting cards, movie tickets, and other paper stuff to create a super-easy display in any space in your home.

diy home decor clothesline pictures

Hanging Basket Lamp

If you have a jute bowl or woven basket, you can use it to make a unique pendant lamp. You can hang the DIY basket lamp in the kitchen, dining area, garden, and bedroom. It matches every home design and works well in an industrial style interior. 

diy home decor basket lamp

Braided Laundry Basket

Use spare or unused clothes to create a braided laundry basket. The colorful and stylish laundry basket also works as a decor piece in your room. You can make the laundry basket of any shape you want and place it near the bathroom or in the bedroom. Or, even simpler, you can decorate an existing basket by attaching pieces of beautiful fabric!

diy home decor laundry basket

Create a Wall Display with Canvas Prints

Fill a large wall in your home with many photos to make it a gallery wall. You can hang customized canvas prints of family, artistic landscape you photographed, or anything else you have in mind. Try to mix and match the sizes as well as shapes and hang everything in a group to create a wall display.

Flower Vase Decoration

You can make your old flower vase look like a new piece of decor by painting it with fresh paint. You can also decorate the vase with artificial flowers, decorative, and paper. 

diy home decor flower vase

Fabric Prints on the Wall

Hang fabric prints on the wall to create a focal point in your space. You can paint it yourself with fabric paints, or be creative by mix and matching beautiful fabrics. Another option is buying a printed fabric, and attaching it to wooden bars for hanging. This is a great way to fill a large wall with creativity while lending it a bohemian touch.  

diy home decor printed fabric

Decorate the Stairway with Mirrors

Hang mirrors of different sizes and shapes along your staircase to visually make the entire space look bigger. Also, you can decorate the border of mirrors with paint to convert them into beautiful decor pieces. Further, the creatively designed mirrors will also look great on a large wall in your living area.

diy home decor mirror wall

Final Words

DIY home decor is really all about having fun, being playful and creative with daily elements. Try any of our suggestions or come up with your own ideas. Whatever you end up doing, it will add a unique touch and make your space truly your own. 



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