5 Eye-Popping Blue Bedroom Ideas

We’re hesitant to label blue as “trendy,” because it has such a longstanding relationship with interior design. However, 2021 trends are predicting that this classic color will be more popular than ever. Due to its timeless appearance and tranquil energy, blue is the perfect shade to experiment with in the bedroom. From navy blue furniture, to baby blue wall art, there are tons of creative ways to incorporate this marine hue.

2021 is all about bold blues. Don’t be afraid to use saturated shades like teal, cobalt, and beyond. Whether you want your interior to look light and bright or dark and moody, there are bold blues for every interior aesthetic.

Read on for our favorite five blue bedroom décor ideas!

Blue as a Contrast

Combine blue with contrasting, warmer shades like orange and yellow. This unexpected color combo will create a truly eye-catching look. Gone are the days when your bedroom had to be bland. 2021 is all about mixing and matching surprising shades. Consider combining hues like navy and rust, tangerine and teal, or sapphire and gold. Center a piece of blue wall art above your bed, and opt for blue and orange decorative pillows. Complete the look with a vibrant, warm-toned throw blanket.

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Blue as a Neutral

Update the classic neutral bedroom with blue as complement to grey. Blue and grey blend seamlessly with one another, and they can also be used as neutrals interchangeably. You can easily use blue as a replacement for your existing grey details. A muted greyish blue is more inviting than a cold, true grey. Still loving your grey décor? Adding blue can still provide an eye-popping touch. Browse our blue and grey collections for the perfect piece of wall art to marry the two contemporary colors.

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Blue as a Base

Use blue as a base for your whole space! Make natural tones your accent colors, and use blue as the predominant hue. Commit to everything from blue bedding to blue painted walls. With this look, you can’t go overboard. The more blue, the better. Consider using green plants and light wooden furniture to break up the space. Finish the look with some accents of bright white.

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Blue as an Accent

Looking to add just a hint of blue? Use blue as an accent color. No matter your existing color scheme and décor, blue will go with almost anything. Add a blue focal point for a trendy look. Search for creative blue furnishings like end tables or lamp shades. You can also incorporate blue in the form of art. Display cerulean vases or teal-tinted wall art. A touch of blue can brighten up any sleeping space.

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Blue as Art

Undeniably, the simplest way to add blue to your bedroom is to hang wall art. A canvas print with blue as the focal point can change the look of your entire space. There’s no need to adjust your existing décor. All you need to do is find a single piece that ties everything together. Look for your current colors in your ideal blue bedroom painting. If you’re not sure which print matches best, stick with something foolproof like bright blue and white.

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Blue Décor and More

The best blue bedroom décor is up to you! Whether you choose to saturate your entire house in blue, or add a single piece of blue art, there’s no doubt about the eye-catching effect this color will have on your interior. Give your bedroom a makeover by adding anything from baby blue to cobalt. Your bedroom is the room where you spend the most time, so make it a serene escape from reality. Blue radiates peace and tranquility, making it the perfect shade to help you drift off.

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