5 Ways to Decorate with the Color Brown

Brown is a versatile neutral shade that has been used consistently throughout the history of design.  From wooden surfaces to leather furniture, it’s difficult to create a complete interior without the use of brown. There are endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating this iconic color, so we’ve narrowed down our top five ways to use this organic tone. You can’t go wrong with the color brown, which makes it an excellent shade for new designers. Explore everything from tan wall art to chestnut brown color paintings. If you’re looking for a shade that will blend while still adding style, this is the hue for you.

Contemporary Leather

Leather is one of the most sophisticated uses of the color brown. There are tons of brown variations to choose from, but none so rich as the buttery patina of a golden leather finish. Choose a classic leather sofa and pair it with a sleek wooden coffee table. To finish the look, hang a piece of abstract wall art that combines a wide range of neutral shades. Make sure your interior includes both warm and cool tones to balance the depth of the leathery brown.

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Woodwork Chic

Another classic use of the color brown is natural wood. In an age where the 1970s are back on-trend, there’s no such thing as using “too much wood.” If you’re lucky enough to have hardwoods, let their natural hue shine. Use oak details and maple furniture for a truly organic look. Keep your décor simple so the wood remains the focal point.

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Decorate with the Color Brown

Boho Meets Modern

Brown is an undeniably bohemian color. After all, brown is the color of the earth. Combine both the wood and leather trends to create a naturally modern space. Add macramé details and rattan furniture for a boho touch. Rather than traditional greenery, opt for neutral-toned houseplants like pampas grass and dried wheat. Commit to the monochromatic look by including accent colors that fall in the brown family like beige, tan, and taupe.

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Decorate with the Color Brown

Minimalism with Warmth

Use warm tones to complement your neutral brown décor. Combine colors like orange and maroon to create a welcoming space with a splash of color. To prevent pulling focus from your brown décor, your interior should maintain a minimalist aesthetic. This will ensure that your space looks modern rather than overwhelmingly warm. It’s a delicate balance to craft a space that is both cozy and contemporary.

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Classic and Cozy

If you fancy a traditional home over a trendy one, brown can also work in your favor. Use deep colors of brown like mahogany and walnut for a classic look. Hang a piece of wall art that incorporates brown in a traditional floral print. Add piles of tan textiles for a cozy take on the monochromatic trend. Don’t forget to add a brown-tinted area rug to promote visible comfort.

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Brown Living Room Ideas & More

We can confidently say that brown will never go out of style. This timeless tone can fit in both modern and classic homes. No matter your personal aesthetic, brown can elevate your interior in the blink of an eye. If you’re looking for an endlessly versatile shade with an organic energy, brown is the ultimate neutral. Whether you’ve fallen in love with a brown leather sofa or a brown abstract painting, you can’t go wrong with this safe (albeit striking) shade.

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