If last year taught us anything, it’s that we can’t overvalue nature and the great outdoors. After stepping outside became a hot commodity, it made us realize how important our natural surroundings are to our mental health. This caused a noticeable shift in interior design. Our collective appreciation for nature was immediately reflected in our décor. Hop on this tranquil trend by coating your home in colors that are reminiscent of mother earth. From forest green wall art to natural neutrals, we’ve compiled a list of five stylish ways to add earthy tones to your home.

Olive Green

Olive green is a palatable shade that can fit easily into any room. There’s no way to “overdo it” when it comes to adding olive green. This muted hue is an ideal alternative to your classic neutral color palette, and it adds just the right amount of color. Olive green is perfect for the sophisticated designer looking for a color that screams “casual chic.” Pair this deep shade with light oak and sheet white details for a refreshing ambience. If you're looking for neutral bedroom ideas, olive green is the perfect compromise between color and calm.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Earthy Tones in Your Home

Stone Grey

It doesn’t get more modern than stone grey. An ever-popular shade in current design, you simply can’t go wrong with grey. Inspired by raw concrete and contemporary cement, this foggy shade is effortlessly cool. Stone grey is a true cool tone, so it’s important to pair it with pops of neutral warmth to avoid a space that feels like a museum rather than a home. Add subtle splashes of beige and ivory. Keep your furniture low to the ground to capture the ultimate modern look. Your décor should be sparse, but still thoughtful. Add funky art pieces and stylish coffee table books as a finishing touch.

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Cedar Brown

It’s no secret that the 70s are coming back. One iconic trend borrowed from the age of disco is the liberal use of brown. Play with buttery leather furniture and cedar brown walls for a trendy, natural look. Give another nod to the 70s with macramé details, and add pampas grass for a modern touch. This combination of old and new is perfect for a well-balanced interior, and the color brown is endlessly versatile. Plus, brown is one of the best neutral paint colors that hasn't been overdone. 

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5 Ways to Incorporate Earthy Tones in Your Home

Forest Green

A deeper, slightly bluer alternative to olive green, forest green is reminiscent of lush pine trees and winter forests. Hang a piece of wall art that shows off your love for the great outdoors, and use it as a base for your color palette. Decorate with dark green velvet furniture and other emerald details. If you want to stray away from neutral paint colors, paint an accent wall in a deep, moody green and focus on modern matte finishes.

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Sandy Beige

If you’re looking for a warmer take on earthy tones, there’s no color more inviting than sandy beige. You can’t go wrong with this tawny tan shade, and this desert hue has never been hotter. Commit to the monochromatic look with everything from beige flooring to sandy furniture. Hang a modern, neutral print for a contemporary touch, and add different shades of brown throughout your space.

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An Earthy Interior

An earthy interior will never go out of style. If you want to create a space that will stand the test of time, nature-inspired neutrals are undoubtedly the way to go. Whether you want to capture the essence of a foggy forest or a sunny dessert, there are plenty of stunning hues to choose from. Use your interior to pay tribute to mother nature, and capture the calming effect of the great outdoors.

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