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Elephants are a universal symbol of strength. When used in home décor, they are believed to bring positivity and a sense of harmony. There are several chic ways to incorporate elephants into your interior design.

Folklore suggests that an elephant with its trunk pointing towards the sky will bring good luck to your home. If fertility is your goal, choose an elephant with its trunk pointed downwards. A pair of elephants symbolizes the love between a couple, whereas a mother and child celebrates a familial bond. If you’re really into maximizing good energy within your space, you can also incorporate our tips for a feng shui-friendly interior.

It’s clear that there is a special significance that elephants carry in the world of design. We’re going to take you through some of the best ways to integrate these majestic animals into your space! Besides, who doesn’t want a little more good luck and good vibes?

Elephant Stock Wall Art

Trunk-tastic Wall Art

Elephant wall art is trending worldwide, and it’s one of the easiest ways to use elephants in your interior. You can install a striking, jumbo elephant painting, or you can choose a multi-paneled canvas. 

If you want a subtler approach, try a piece of artwork with an elephant silhouette. Silhouettes are understated, fresh, and ultra-artsy. They are also a great way to add some deeper shades to an otherwise light and bright space.

Looking for something a little bolder? Go for elephant wallpaper! Elephant-based patterns have a traditional look while still being playful. Create an accent wall with your favorite elephant-centric design. Plus, elephant wallpaper is a great choice for any children’s room!

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Abstract Elephant Wall Art

Animalistic Accessories

Adding accessories to your space is an easy way to change the entire vibe. Look for elephant figurines and statues to adorn your entryway, or elephant-shaped paperweights to decorate your desk. The possibilities are endless!

Elephant coat hooks are a subtle accessory that enhances the character of your home. If you want to add more metallic shades to your space, there are elephant-shaped lamps in everything from brass to silver.

Have an empty bookshelf your looking to fill? Elephants also represent knowledge, which makes them the perfect accessory to add to a bookshelf or home office.

Check out how this golden elephant looks amazing with our geometric elephant print!

Geo Elephant Wall Art

Fun Elephant Furniture

Another way to use elephants in your home décor is through furniture. For example, elephant-shaped coffee tables are the perfect combination of elegant and eccentric.

If you have some outdoor space that needs a quick makeover, look for elephant garden ornaments. They’re cute and classy, and a super easy way to transform your patio or garden area.

For designers who really want to commit to elephant-based décor, turn your entire home tropical! A tropical theme will tie in the elephants while still sticking to a modern trend. From palm patterned furniture to indoor plants, tropical-inspired interiors are increasing in popularity.

For the kids' room, how about a sweet elephant wall hanging to go along with your elephant wall art?

Elephant Daydream Wall Art

Exquisite Elephant Fabrics

The sofa is the focal point of your living space, so why not choose a sweet set of pillows to complement your couch? There are tons of decorative pillows with images of elephants that will elevate your space.

You can also incorporate elephant-patterned curtains to frame the windows in your living room. This is an affordable, low-maintenance way to show your love for elephants without overwhelming your space. Another way to integrate fabric details is by adding an elephant-themed quilts or throws to complete the look.

Don’t forget the biggest empty space in your house – the floor! Use an elephant-printed rug for the ultimate elephant statement piece.

Jungle-Approved Plants

Houseplants are a great way to refresh your living area. Use colorful pots printed with elephants for your tropical indoor plants. Images of elephants enhance the sense of harmony that the greenery already provides.

Fill the empty corners of your home with potted plants and take advantage of any areas that need a vibrant boost. Choose from small, understated shrubs or tall, towering palms depending on what best fits your existing space.

An Elephant Never Forgets

Elephants are a great addition to the home due to their versatility and symbolic appearance. Introduce good vibes and positivity with these beautiful creatures.

Ranging from wall art to furniture and fabric, there are a plethora of ways to incorporates elephants into your interior. Consider adding some uplifting (and adorable!) elephants when planning your next renovation. 



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