Emerald green is chic, sophisticated, and undeniably dramatic. If you want to create a space that’s both eye-catching and refined, emerald green is the color for you. Inspired by deep green, sparkling gemstones, this shade screams luxury. Get inspired by emerald green wall art and other dark green décor. Jewel tones are timeless, and fit in a wide variety of interiors. Whether you own a traditional home or you consider yourself a pure modernist, emerald green is for every aesthetic.

Organic Greens

Beyond the classic gemstone, another emerald-colored marvel is the deep green pine tree. If you’re in search of an organic interior inspired by nature, consider using emerald to conjure up imagery of lush forest landscapes. Paint your walls in a light sage color, and accessorize with forest green velvet furniture. Hang a piece of photorealistic wall art that highlights the beauty of nature. Add a few houseplants for a truly earthy touch.

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Dark Pines Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Art Deco-Inspired

Emerald hues rose to popularity in the 1920s during the Art Deco period. Steal inspiration from this iconic design era and add a touch of 20s glamour to your home. Paint your walls in a moody emerald green, and play with jewel-toned textiles. Most importantly, don’t forget the gold! Gilded details are essential to achieve the Art Deco look. Experiment with 1920s geometric shapes, and hang dark green velvet curtains for a vintage monochromatic look. This lush look is perfect if you're searching for dark green bedroom ideas. 

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Use Emerald Green in Your Interior

Traditional Tones

For a truly traditional look, consider painting your space in a slightly lighter-toned emerald. Keep your hues muted, and add black as an accent color. Hang black and white photos so as not to compete with the emerald colors. In addition, decorate the rest of your interior with neutral shades. If you want to add another splash of color, go with a deep teal or a mint green. Utilize light woods to avoid a space that looks too dark and brooding.

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Use Emerald Green in Your Interior

Emerald & Modern

Emerald can easily swing modern. For the lover of all things current, choose a contemporary dark green painting. Make this print the focal point of your interior, and consider angling light towards the art piece to mimic the look of a modern gallery. Opt for leather furniture in trendy grey and taupe colors. Use transparent glass finishes to create an atmosphere that is minimalistic. Paint an accent wall in a soft, muted green for a trendy twist.

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Metallic Forest Waves Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Abstract & Artistic

For the artist at heart, we recommend hanging a piece of abstract art with swirls of blue and green. Fill your walls with three-dimensional wall art like canvases, clocks, and shelves of your prized possessions. Combine bright white with emerald green throughout your space for optimal contrast. Place emerald-tinted house plants in funky vases for a creative touch. Explore a variety of textures and matte finishes for an unexpected combination of styles.

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Green Dark Dream Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Emerald Green Wall Art & Beyond

From dark green bedroom ideas to emerald green wall art, this iconic shade will work beautifully in your interior. This color is considered a classic for a reason, and it is a great way to make your space look effortlessly refined. Find the perfect dark green painting, and fill your space with colors that complement this moody hue. Give your home a jaw-dropping makeover with the simple addition of emerald green. Spruce up your space in 2021, and start the year off right with a stunning interior.

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