7 Calming Home Decor Color Trends 2020

Stress comes with no warning, but as your home is your sanctuary, you can prepare in advance by creating a pleasant space you'd love spending time in.

By giving a thought to your décor, you can create a home that feels calm and relaxing. Try out ideas like hanging neutral-shaded wall art, some golden touches, flowers, etc.

To save you time on the search, we have rounded up the following proven calming home décor color trends that are ruling in 2020.

Let’s have a look:

Tranquil White Flowers

White symbolizes the presence of all colors! It is the shade of calmness, relaxation, positivity, and peacefulness. That's why it makes sense to have fresh white flowers to induce harmony and relaxation in your home décor. The tranquil white shade has the power to transform any space into a serene sanctuary. White flowers also represent unity among family members.
You can pair white flowers in a contrasting vase painted in calming shades, such as purple, grey or red.

White flowers home decor

Sea Blue Wallpaper

Transport yourself to the beach every time you enter your bedroom. Sea blue color symbolizes tranquillity and calmness, making your bedroom serene and comforting. A room drenched in sea blue color will feel like you are living in a fairytale space. However, you should note that the softer styles demand a high level of finesse. You can get an accent wall using a chic sea blue wallpaper to create a serene sanctuary.
What about adding a Love the Ocean multi-panel canvas wall art on the wallpaper? Need more ideas? Some more calming shades for wallpapers are sage gray, classic white, soft green, lilac, and mauve.

Love The Ocean Breeze Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Pastel Purple Cushions and Area Rugs

Cushions and rugs are associated with relaxation. You can make them even more comforting if you choose in the gentle shades, especially pastel purple.
While deep purple is often associated with frustration and sadness, lighter purple shades are restful and peaceful. Lighter purple color makes a great shade for home décor, and you can tie this color in your cushions ad area rugs.
The shade feels more inviting, soft and luxurious when compared with deep purple. So incorporating in your textiles like cushions, rugs and even bedding and drapes can do an excellent job.

Purple home decor

Neutral Beige Drapes

When you buy curtains, consider the colors of walls, floors, and furniture to achieve the right balance. The golden rule is that when there is something dominating in the room, the drapes should be as gentle colors.
Ideally, choose curtains in more neutral, pastel and earthy tones. One of the most calming colors is neutral beige that easily blends with most other colors in the home décor. If you follow a hectic schedule, choosing beige curtains will offer a relaxing night’s sleep.
In addition to beige, you can think of other neutral shades like dusty pink, sandy browns, light grey, off-white, softer mint, and sea green. Remember that texture makes all the difference! So make sure you choose curtain colors that match the other colors in the room.

discount wall art sale

beige curtains home decor

Light Yellow Wall Art

Yellow is a magical color! It is one of the brightest shades on the color spectrum. Lighter shades of yellow have the power to induce vibrancy and refreshing feel at any pace.
This shade works well in any room, be it your living room, bedroom or even your kitchen or home office. One of the easiest and effective ideas to incorporate this soothing color in your home décor is to invest in a piece of artwork painted in this shade. For instance, you can have a Dahlia multi-panel canvas wall art.
It is important to note that you use toned down so that you can ground the bright color of yellow. Deep tones in frames, furniture, and photography will keep you from soaring near to the sun.

Muted Gray Bedding

Combining various shades of gray color can help create a wonderfully, calming master bedroom. The gray color is known as an emotionless shade. It can help to balance and improve our feelings.
When you choose a muted gray accent home decor, it helps by conveying a feeling of ease to any room in your home. White printed canvas frame, green potted houseplants, or even pastel-shaded throw pillows will balance this unique color.

gray home decor bedroom

Hints of Gold

Gold is the color of success, wealth and royalty. You can easily use this shade in your home décor sparingly. Remember that too much gold color can be overpowering, while gentle touches can lend a feel of prosperity and abundance to your space.
Instead of having too many gold accents that could be overpowering, you can consider simply placing a metallic gold coffee table in your living room. If it is also too much for you, you can get a table with gold legs.

 gold accents home decor

Wrapping Up

We hope you find these tips immensely helpful in creating a calm, relaxing and serene sanctuary!

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