7 DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home. This intimate space should be treated as a top priority when it comes to design and décor. You should look forward to crawling into bed after a long day. Your bedroom is supposed to be peaceful, comfortable, and reflective of your personality. It’s time to add elements that will calm your mind and promote serenity. From DIY bedroom wall art, to creative interior crafts, we’ve put together a list of ways to personalize your bedroom without busting your budget. Check it out!

Spruce Up Your Bed

A canopy bed is an easy look to achieve with minimal effort. Choose a stunning piece of sheer fabric in your favorite color and drape away! All you have to do is pin four corners to the ceiling to create a gorgeous ethereal effect.

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DIY bedroom ideas

Personalize Your Art

There are plenty of ways to tap into your creative side while redesigning your bedroom! Create a collage of your favorite photos, or craft an inspirational mood board to hang above your bed.

We offer customizable coloring canvases for the ultimate DIY bedroom wall décor. Simply pick your favorite design, and fill in the lines with your desired color scheme! It’s a great activity for a rainy day, and you’ll have a blast showing off your signature artwork to friends and family.

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Add Mood Lighting

Sick of harsh, overhead lighting? There’s no better room to explore mood lighting than the bedroom! Switch out garish lights for DIY paper lanterns and soft candlelight. (Make sure to follow online instructions closely to avoid a fire hazard!) You can also wrap fabric around fairy lights for a subtle glow. Put string lights in a jar to create a calming, ambient glimmer.

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Focus on Flora

While indoor greenery isn’t exactly something you can make from scratch, it is an affordable way to transform your space. The bedroom is the perfect place to add fresh flowers and houseplants. Not only are plants beautiful to look at, but they act as a natural air purifier! Take a piece of scrap wood and hang a shelf above your bed. Paint your own pots to display your brand-new flora.

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DIY bedroom decor ideas

Accessorize Your Nightstand

Don’t have a nightstand? Make your own! Grab an old, vintage suitcase and place it on top of a luggage rack. You can also take a tree stump and easily turn it into a side table. If you have a ladder handy, paint it white and us the steps as shelves! Looking for a way to make your existing nightstand pop? Remove the drawers and cover the inside with colorful contact paper.

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Embrace Rusticity

The best part about a rustic aesthetic how forgiving it can be for incorporating DIY décor. The perfectly imperfect style is ideal for adding a personal touch. A shabby-chic theme allows for subtle flaws, so it’s the perfect style for DIY beginners! For example, to accentuate the rusticity of your space, hang a couple dried branches as wall art. Easy peasy!

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DIY bedroom decor ideas

Map Out Your Story

Celebrate the places you’ve traveled by marking your past destinations on a decorative map. Choose a wall print with the map of the world and grab some contrasting stickers. Show off where you’ve been, and mark where you want to go! It’s a bucket list and a documentation of your achievements all in one.

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Your DIY Bedroom Décor

Don’t shy away from experimentation when it comes to bedroom design. Personalize your sleeping space with décor of your own creation. Make your dream room a reality with a few simple tips and tricks. From lighting to custom wall art, it’s the perfect time to add an artistic touch to the most important room in your home.

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