The original three colors: red, yellow, and blue. All other colors are derived from these three shades, making them a bold (albeit underused) choice for interior design. While subtle variations of the three primary colors are often utilized to decorate living spaces, the combination of all three in their unadulterated state is much more uncommon. With a slight interest in primaries in the Mid-century, and a significant rise in popularity in the 1980s, 2021 is the year primary colors will return to the main stage. From color-blocking to tri-color wall art, learn how to pack a punch with primary hues.

Add Artwork

For homeowners who aren’t looking to redo their space in its entirety, we have a super simple solution! Keep your existing décor the same, and hang a piece of abstract art that incorporates bold primary colors. A blue, red, and yellow painting will go with both warm and cool tones, as well as neutrals.

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Streets Of London Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Go with Grey

Looking for a modern way to incorporate primaries? Make them pop against grey! A grey base will keep your space looking contemporary, while still letting the primary colors shine. For a chic contrast, choose bright red details and add a primary colors painting. This look is ideal for designers with a passion for modernism with a creative flair.

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Colorful Abstract Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Nearly Navy

If you’re just looking to dip your toe into the primary pool, tone it down with a touch of navy. Hang a vibrant blue, red, and yellow painting that incorporates primary colors at their brightest, and use a navy piece of furniture to soften the overall look. You can also add pillows and throws in gold and brick hues to match the yellow and red without competing with your vibrant print.

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Colorful Rain Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bright and Trendy

Take a cue from Pantone’s Color of the Year and drench your space in “Illuminating” yellow! This sunny shade is all the rage this year, so there’s no better time to commit to this joyous hue. Paint an entire wall bright yellow, and add plush red and blue details. This color pairs especially well with teal and rouge.

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Decorate Your Home with Primary Colors

Deep and Moody

If light and bright isn’t your thing, you can still participate in the primary trend! Choose cobalt-colored furniture and paint an accent wall in a red velvet shade. Rather than a bright yellow, use gold to complete your primary trio. Primary colors can look moody too!

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Decorate Your Home with Primary Colors

Retro Inspired

Go back to where it all began with a retro-inspired interior. Hang vintage posters in both blue and red, and play with mid-century style furniture. Add mustard yellow accents through light fixtures and textiles. Keep your base color white to really make the primary tones pop.

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Decorate Your Home with Primary Colors

Muted and Mature

Before you write off primary colors as too childlike, consider a mature take on this playful style. Opt for ruby red furniture against a golden yellow base. Combine several shades of blue that walk the line between blue and grey. Simply incorporate muted versions of all three colors, and put your own twist on this tri-color trend.

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Decorate Your Home with Primary Colors

Primary Color Paintings & More

It’s high time we modernized primary colors and took advantage of their pronounced power. Bold, bright, and youthful, these three shades will transform your interior in the blink of an eye. Choose a classy take on these retro tones, or commit to the vintage look. Primary colors can fit with any interior style, and they are a great way to add visual interest. Whether you plan to revamp your living room or give your bedroom a quirky touch, you can’t go wrong with a primary color palette. Experiment with these incomparably vivid shades, and find a technique that works for you.

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