7 Ways to Create an Inviting Space for Guests

Home is where the heart is, which means it’s imperative to consider the comfort of your friends and family when designing your interior. Give your guests something to talk about with a guest room that will rival a 5-star hotel. Whether your hosting a game night and a few friends decide to crash, or your creating the ultimate space for your in-laws, curate a space that will have everyone clamoring to stay at yours. From wall art to textiles, there are plenty of ways to set your home apart from the rest.

Create a Grand Entrance

Before your guests even reach their quarters, give them an unforgettable entrance. Add mood lighting to your entryway for an instant calming effect. Keep your space cozy, but make sure to remove unnecessary clutter. Hang wall art that makes your friends feel at home – literally. Pick a piece of typographical art with a phrase that welcomes your guests right when they walk in the door.

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Commit to Cozy Textiles

Nothing says “cozy” quite like fuzzy fabrics. Cover your guest bed with layers upon layers of knitted throws and wool blankets. Find ultra-soft shams for your decorative pillows, and look for down or down-alternative comforters. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and tones.

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Build an Impeccable Guest Room

Steal inspiration from hotel rooms when it comes to crafting your ultimate crash pad for guests. Make sure to center the bed, and place two matching nightstands on either side. For an extra-thoughtful touch, keep symmetrical vases of fresh-cut flowers on the top of each nightstand. Build a small seating area in the corner of the room, and make sure your guests have enough empty storage for their belongings.

Offer Plenty of Seating

Speaking of seating areas, your whole house could use some extra spots to sit down and relax.

Add extra arm chairs to your living room, or a bench at the foot of your guest bed. Splurge for a larger dining table with a few extra seats, or place some trendy poufs in any room for casual seating. There are plenty of ways to make your guests feel right at home, and plentiful seating makes them feel like a part of the family.

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Hang Striking Wall Art

Wall art can make a huge difference when it comes to completing the overall look of a room. Convert your space from basic to sensational with a simple print. Don’t shy away from bright colors and dynamic designs. View our collection of vibrant canvas prints, and find your ideal piece of guest room wall art.

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Bring the Outdoors, In

One of our favorite ideas for guest bedrooms is to add fresh greenery. Interior plants are trendier than ever, and for good reason! They have the ability to brighten up any indoor space. If your guest bedroom gets lots of natural light, opt for a sun-loving yucca or jade plant. Dealing with a darker space? You can still take advantage of the natural beauty of potted plants! Choose a low-maintenance piece of foliage like a prayer plant or a dracaena.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom

Beyond the guest bedroom itself, the second most important room is the bathroom. Turn your guest bathroom into a spa with a few easy fixes. Switch your shower head to a rain shower, and hang some eucalyptus branches for a naturally invigorating aroma. Set ultra-plush towels on your countertop, and offer scented candles for a truly relaxing experience. Hang a piece of spa-inspired wall art to complete the serene space.

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Wow Your Guests

Give your guests something to look forward to with a truly inspiring space. Add personal touches that show how much you care about those who matter most. From guest room wall art ideas to adding extra seating, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Keep your guests coming back for more by making your home feel like their own.

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