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It’s easy to ignore the importance of interior design when it comes to hallways. Corridors are often seen as a passageway from one room to the next, but they should be treated as a room of their own!

Hallways are one of the most highly trafficked areas by guests, so you want to make a statement. Whether you prefer to showcase your love for family or stay true to your overall aesthetic, there are so many options for sprucing up your home’s hallways.

The best part about redesigning your hallway space is that it’s super affordable! The small size of your hallway makes it even easier to make a maximum impact while spending very little.

Here are eight quick and easy ways to decorate any hallway. Customize your corridor with trendy wall art, rugs, houseplants, and more!

Gallery Goals

Gallery walls will never go out of style, just ask the French! This traditional décor method has stood the test of time for a reason. Hang a collection of your favorite family photos and artsy prints all over the wall of your choice.

Choose frames in a variety of colors and sizes for an eclectic look. If you want to stick to a more contemporary vibe, use black and white prints with neutral frames. Whatever you choose, make sure to give your gallery wall a personal touch by adding a personal photo or piece of artwork among your chosen prints.

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custom canvas print

Totally Textured

It’s no secret that texture adds depth and dimension to a space. Patterned wallpaper creates the illusion of texture which in turn can make your hallway infinitely more interesting. Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper can actually make your space feel bigger.

Apart from wallpaper, you can also hang a tapestry or printed fabric as a dynamic wall cover. You can even create a personalized mural and paint directly on the hallway wall!

Abstract Line Twist Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a foolproof way to open up your space and make it look more expansive and roomy. Hanging a large mirror also gives you the perfect opportunity to check your appearance in the hallway before running out the door.

If your style is more vintage, look for an ornate mirror with gilded details. Looking for something more understated? Try mounting a frameless rectangular mirror flush with the wall.

Earth Melodies Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Run with Rug Runners

Adding a runner instantly makes your hallway décor look deliberate and put-together. The long, narrow space looks immediately cozier with a 2”x10” rug. This technique is ideal for wintertime, but the right rug can look appropriate all year long.

To make your new rug look even classier, hang a pendant light or lantern from the ceiling to achieve ultimate warmth.

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Today Wooden Collage Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Beautiful Bookshelves

Turn your hallway into a functional space by installing shelving units. Display your favorite books to create a mini-library. You can also place knickknacks and family photos around the books to break up the space.

If your hallway isn’t quite wide enough to allow shelves, you can get the same effect with our Ancient Bookshelf Canvas Wall Art:

Ancient Bookshelf Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Perfectly Potted Plants

Place some greenery in your hallway to introduce fresh, welcoming energy. Not only are they beautiful, but houseplants also purify the air which makes them a great addition to cramped spaces.

There are plenty of indoor plants that can thrive in a hallway. Some popular options include the spider tree, the snake plant, and the peace lily.

If you really want to show off your green thumb, you can train a philodendron to trellis across the wall like ivy!

For homeowners who don’t have time to take care of living flora, botanical wall art is a great option.

Aromantique III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Wall Art for Wide Spaces

The easiest way to cover a blank wall is with a large piece of artwork. We offer a wide selection of large wall art to totally transform your hallway with a single item.

Choose a classic painting or a contemporary photograph. Wall art is all about showcasing your individuality. You can also consider multi-panel canvas artwork for an even more personalized look:

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3D Iron World Map Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Luminous Lighting

If your hallway is looking a little dim, install some bright, new light fixtures! You can customize your lighting with warm, rustic fixtures or cool, contemporary LED lights.

Hang industrial style bulbs or a mini chandelier depending on your personal taste! The lighting in your hallway should reflect your interior style.

What Are You Waiting For?

A designer hallway can make or break the look of a house. Use wall art, plants, rugs, and lighting to renovate this overlooked space. You don’t need a big budget to make a big impact; all you need is a vision!

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