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The gritty, multi-dimensional work of Diego Tirigall is unmistakable. A modern take on neo-expressionism, his pieces are an abstract reimagining of vibrant street art.

A fearless artist with a bold signature style, we had the privilege of speaking with Diego and learning more about his artistic philosophy. 

Meet Our Artist of the Month!

Artist Diego Tirigall

Born in Argentina, Diego Tirigall embraces color, culture, and creativity. Coming from a long line of art restoration specialists, Diego’s unique respect for the artistic process is evident in his work. He capitalizes on the power of texture alongside powerful social commentary. As a self-taught artist, his distinct style is truly and entirely his own.

We asked Diego a few questions to uncover more about his captivating work!

Inspiration in Three Parts 

When asked about his greatest influences, Diego cited three sources of inspiration. The first being freedom.

“I think my art showcases that sense of freedom, particularly in the expressionist abstraction and in the way that I experiment with different techniques, materials and styles. The notion of freedom also comes through in my use of reclaimed wood, another of my great passions.”

Second, there are several periods of art history that fuel Diego’s creativity. 

“I think Street Art, Neo Expressionism and even Art Brut are the genres that speak to me and inspire me the most. These styles are closely intertwined with the sense of freedom and rebelliousness that I stand for.”

Finally, he lists his artistic mentors. These great masterminds include Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as Kaws, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey. 

The Drive to Create

Regarding when he began his artistic endeavors, Diego traced his passion back to early childhood. He helped his mother restore artwork unearthed by his antiquarian father. As he got older, he found himself fascinated with digital art, spending 20 years in the world of graphic design and 3D motion graphics. His greatest epiphany would stem from the strict boundaries of a digital career.

“I had a good job, I managed a team, and was involved in all those things that come with an agency environment. Suddenly I realized I was sick of working for others, so I decided to put my art up on one of those websites that sell art products on demand. […] For the first time in my life, I was making money on my own terms.”

Even though he now works primarily as a successful painter, that doesn’t mean he completely gave up on art though digital exploration. You can find his original art on

The Artist’s Top Picks 

A self-proclaimed super fan of Neo-Expressionism, Diego’s favorite piece of his own work is unsurprisingly a modern take on Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell's soup.

“One of my favorite creations is called “Gluttony Soup Preserves” from my “Unhealthy Preserves” series. […] I love that artwork for the message that it contains. Social media taps into the notion of the seven deadly sins, which seem to be directly related to our addiction to these platforms that keep us up at night (and rule our days).” 

He then referenced several other pieces that offer commentary on popular culture.

“Other notable works are “The Rubicom,” which touches on the topic of artificial intelligence and the advantages and disadvantages of this new frontier. “Delete Zone” is another favorite.” 

From “Old Story” to “Reclaimed Map,” Diego is no stranger to texture. His favorite reclaimed wood piece, “Inner Nature (Profile of Woman),” is now featured on a California wine bottle.

A Motto to Live By

When asked his life's motto, Diego's answer was brilliantly simple:

“If you can dream it, you can do it. You just have to find the right path.”

Art for the Masses

If Diego were to explore a career outside of painting, he would honorably capitalize on his passion for aiding the art community.

“A while ago I set up, a website with support for a Photoshop tool called Art Scene Creator, which allows artists to create their own settings and showcase their art in realistic spaces. I’m also planning on launching a YouTube channel where I can share all of this with a wider audience.”

You can browse ElephantArt's curated collection of Diego's art here!

Artist Diego Tirigall

Artist Diego Tirigall

Artist Diego Tirigall

Artist Diego Tirigall



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Diego Tirigall