An Exploration of Art and Life: Melanie Viola

A modern artist with a passion for structure, Melanie Viola executes a daring and dramatic aesthetic. Viola seamlessly combines urban photography and fine art with unparalleled skill. She creates wholly contemporary compositions that leap off the page at first glance. From urban documentation to rural landscapes, Viola captures it all.

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Artist Melanie Viola


Born with the desire to make memories into art, Melanie Viola hails from a correlatively creative city - Berlin, Germany. Her work is dynamic, exciting, and completely original. This master of mixed media has a recognizable style with a diverse portfolio.

Like a perfectly curated collage, Viola’s work has an indescribable edge. With a portfolio that ranges from simple and minimalistic to energetic and elaborate, you’d be hard pressed to find an artistic style that Melanie Viola hasn’t explored.

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Canvas wall art by Melanie Viola

The Genesis

Most people pursue art, but in rare cases, art pursues them. Melanie Viola describes her introduction to urban art from a nomadic perspective.

“My profession began a long time ago as a hobby. I always took a lot of pictures while traveling, on excursions, and so on. People often asked me why I didn’t sell [my photos.] For a long time, I never thought seriously about it.”

Viola eventually reached a point where traveling became more about the outcome of the photos than the trip itself.

“I bought more and more photographic supplies, and carried a lot more cameras and lenses with me. It took me longer to plan my stays for shooting the pictures I was thinking of. It was a creative diversion to my office job I had [at the time.]”

From 2009 and onwards, Melanie Viola found herself collecting income as an artist. She then decided it was time to branch out from strictly urban photography, and she set out to fill a portion of the market she believed was lacking. Her quest was successful, to say the least.  

“I tried to create art that I myself would fancy having on my walls. That’s how it all began! Since October 2015 I have been a full-time artist.”

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Canvas wall art by Melanie Viola

The Muse

Viewers will immediately recognize Viola’s fascination with metropolitan architecture. She takes a landscape or skyline with structural integrity and clean lines, and then throws the rulebook out the window. Viola uses her own photography as a base for creation, and then adds abstract elements like graphics and brushwork.

“I am drawn to urban landscape and the lines I find in architecture. I am keen to explore opportunities that will allow me to combine photography and art in the way I feel happy with.”

Her drive to satisfy her personal fulfillment is what makes her work feel so intimate, yet universally appealing. A great artist doesn’t shy away from challenges, nor do they confine their artistic ability to a strict style or medium. Melanie Viola continues to explore new aesthetic endeavors, with a consistently individual eye.

“A real challenge for me is to create minimalistic pieces and more muted-colored art and photography. [I explore this in] my new Vintage Summer Series, which is going well. I am very happy [with] it.”

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Canvas wall art by Melanie Viola

The Motto

Melanie Viola’s fearless nature is what sets her apart as an artist. She takes risks in life and in art, which gives her a truly unique perspective.

“My life motto is: Rather dare something than never have tried. Better an oops than a what if! If you just stay in your comfort zone, you will never make a difference!”

She continues to thrive in adventurous settings, and splits her love of travel between bustling cityscapes and peaceful oases. This contrast between human engineering and mother nature permeates her work. Viola vows to never stop discovering new places and having new experiences.

“I love the peace and quietness of landscapes like White Sands National Monument and Joshua Tree National Park and the shapes of Antelope Canyon in the US as well as megacities like New York, Paris or London. There are so many facets of each place to discover.”

Melanie Viola’s art is made for the free spirits and the modern explorers.

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