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Did you ever imagine you've won an Oscar? Or even made up a speech in your head? Though we might never get the opportunity to actually walk the red carpet or present the awards, this doesn't mean we can't enjoy a little Oscar inspiration! 

To us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Oscars is GOLD! 

Did you know that gold is trending in the interior design world today? This lovely color that trended a lot in the 1970s culture has again made its way in the millennial era.
Here, we are going to introduce some great and affordable ways to bring the luxury of gold to your home décor. Super easy, super stylish, super effective!

Upgrade Your Plumbing

Do you have an old bathroom that features exposed plumbing? Adore your bathroom with glam and charm by giving it a little, pleasant golden makeover.
You don’t need golden-colored tiles or backsplashes. Simply painting the boundaries of the mirror and sink pipe in the golden hue will do the job. So pick a high-quality golden spray paint that works well on metals. Spray it and transform ugly-looking, exposed piping into something eye-popping and pleasing.

Get a Chandelier

Chandeliers can infuse your home with glitz and shine, giving it an eclectic look. Experts recommend that you should choose a chandelier that lends whimsy to your space. For example, choose a chandelier that is not heavy on the metal. Go for something with more glass and some golden touches. This will set an ideal scene in your living room, dining room, and bedroom while making these spaces feel elegant.

Gold Wall Art

Another excellent and easiest way to bring gold décor to your home is to invest in gold wall art. Gold canvas prints will pull off the perfect glitzy look without making your space look tacky and overwhelming. You will find countless options when choosing gold wall art. It will easily transform your neutral-colored wall to a glimmering accent wall.

Pineapple Passion Canvas Set Wall Art

Add Spark with Gold Accessories

Not all candles are destined to burn, especially when you are using them to accentuate your home décor. Add a few stylish and glittery gold candles to your table in the living room and let the shine go a long way. Not into candles? Accessorize your tabletop with a runner that is made of shiny gold fabric. Top it with a beautiful glass vase filled with decorative gold balls. It will make a glitzy, glamorous centerpiece.

Balancing Horse Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

High-Class Columns and Trims

When you want to add a royal-looking golden column, you don’t have to renovate the entire entrance. Choose interior-sized foam or plastic columns that will fit edges and corners in your home. Then, use spray paint to color these edges and corners to pull a glittering charm. The fascinating part is that you can move these columns and trims from one place to another to change the look of different areas in your home. Also, you can cut these columns to create upscale-looking end tables on which you can place a lightweight lamp.

Final Words

It is important to note that the power of gold and glitz is in its placement. Avoid overdoing it! Distribute golden touches throughout your home purposefully to achieve a subtle glam.  



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