Awesome Porch Wall Art Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch or patio space, don’t let it go to waste! Make the most of your outdoor area. Give it a decorative boost with wall art. Summer is the perfect season to hang a striking print outside of your home. Because there are very little elements to battle in the summertime, you can display your wall art without worrying about weather. Let your front door set the tone for your home, and hang a stunning piece of art right next to the entrance. Sit on your porch and revel in the novelty of having a space to relax. Discover our expert decor tips and select the perfect piece of art for your porch. 

There’s Always Room for Art

Looking for a quick and easy way to give your porch an upgrade? Hang a trendy piece of wall art on your exterior wall. Place it above a porch swing or seating area for maximum impact. Whether your porch is large or small, every entrance can benefit from a little extra decor. Hang a print that represents summer, such as a piece from our summer greenery collection curated by Art Director Tirzah Goodman. Play with vibrant colors and botanical themes. Go for decor that hints at the tropics and other seasonal indulgences. 

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Pack your Porch with Style

There are several styles to choose from when designing your porch space. First, determine whether you prefer a vintage/rustic style, or a trendy/modern look. You can’t go wrong with a shabby-chic canvas paired with natural wood details. For the contemporary designer, consider a vivid print with playful imagery.

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Porch Decor: Pro Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for decorating your outdoor space:

"You can add to the comfort of your patio space by bringing the indoors, out! Add a rug and plush pillows for a cozy outdoor area. Make sure to choose material that is moisture resistant, and won’t fade due to sunlight."

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best porch wall decor ideas

Outdoor Color Inspiration

The colors you choose will set the stage for the rest of your interior decor. The front porch is the first space your guests will see, so take advantage of the opportunity to welcome friends and family into your unique space. You can decorate with neutral shades or bold hues depending on the mood you want to convey.

White Porch Ideas

A light-toned porch with white details represents a sleek, clean space. You can go modern or traditional with this foolproof shade. Try a piece of wall art with trendy typography for a minimalist look with a twist.

Black & Cyan Porch Ideas

On the opposite side of the spectrum, black can make a stunning visual impact on your front porch. If you’re looking for a color to contrast the black while still looking cohesive, consider a blue-green shade like cyan or turquoise.

Porch Decor: Pro Tips

Interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz supports the turquoise trend:

“Turquoise, a blend of light blue and green, has tropical undertones that bring to mind the cooling properties of the ocean and can instantly transport you to a relaxed day on the beach. It is said that turquoise represents a desire to make your own way in the world, under your very own terms.”

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Porch Wall Art: Size Options

Follow this handy passage from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide to help you select the right size canvas for your porch:

Your wall art should take about 60% to 75% of the available empty wall space. Measure the height and width of the wall. Now, multiply the measurements by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will get the range of canvas print sizes to suit the space.

For instance, if your blank wall is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide, multiply 9 by 0.6 to get the low end of the ideal height range. Then multiply 9 by 0.75 to get the high end of the ideal height range. Do the same for your wall's 5 feet width. The ideal height of the canvas would be 5.4 feet - 6.75 feet and the ideal width would be 3 feet - 3.75 feet.

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porch wall art ideas

Porch Wall Art: Shape Selection

Browse our selection of trendy canvas shapes below:

Classic Canvas: 1-Piece Canvas

Contemporary Layout: 2-Piece Split Canvas

Creative Multi-Panel Prints: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas

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best porch wall art ideas

Wine-Themed Wall Decor

Wine wall art can be a great addition to your porch decor, as it can add a touch of effortless elegance and sophistication to the space. There are tons of different styles of wine wall art to choose from. It’s super easy to find something that fits your personal taste and complements the existing decor on your porch. One popular option is to go for a rustic-inspired space with wine-related phrases or imagery. For example, you might choose a cheeky phrase that says “Wine a little, laugh a lot.” You can also opt for a more classic vineyard landscape print. Create a classic environment in your outdoor space and celebrate your love for good wine. Alternately, you can go with a more contemporary print if your goal is to create a modern exterior. The possibilities are endless. Choose a piece of wall art that features red, white, or rosé wine! These prints can be a great way to add some color and visual interest to your porch or patio, and they can easily be swapped out as seasons (or your tastes) change. No matter what type of wine wall art you choose, this collection can be a great way to add some personality and style to your outdoor area.

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top porch wall art ideas

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Take your decor to the next level with our curated design blog. We’ve teamed up with expert designers to bring you the top trends of 2023. Hone in on your personal style, or discover a new aesthetic that inspires you. Your home should be a representation of who you are, and that should extend to your outdoor space. Play around with these porch ideas until you find a piece that speaks to you.

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