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This Black History Month, we’re highlighting a very special collection. Our Afrofuturism collection sees Black culture through a modern lens. Black History month is about recognizing both the struggles and triumphs throughout Black history, but it’s also about looking towards the future. It’s important to remember Black suffering, but it’s also important to celebrate Black joy. Our afrofuturism collection is a stunning representation of creativity, culture, and a look into the future of Black art.

The Importance of Black History Month

Black History Month originated in the United States, but is now celebrated internationally. In North America, February is used to commemorate the history of the African dispora. The first official celebration of Black History Month took place in 1970. Not only is this month used to recognize the systemic struggles of Black people in America, but it is also used to identify their too-often overlooked accomplishments. Black history is dynamic, daring, and creative. What better way to celebrate than to explore the beauty of Black art? We're going to highlight our favorite Black History Month art ideas. 

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Defining Afrofuturism Art

Our Afrofuturism collection is one-of-a-kind. This unique selection is a combination of beautiful Black imagery and digital art techniques. With every gender represented and a rainbow of color schemes, you’ll undoubtedly find something inspiring in this catalog. Digital artwork is having a major moment in 2023, so this collection will look stunning all year long! Afrofuturism combines Black culture with science-fiction-inspired images. Artists like Sun Ra and Octavia Butler paved the way for this exquisite trend. Look towards the future with this mystical representation of modern life.

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Colorful Black History Month Art Ideas

One of the major benefits of our Afrofuturism collection is the vibrant splash of color it can add to your interior. If you’re looking for a statement piece that celebrates both culture and color, Afrofuturism is an excellent option. For modern homes that are predominantly neutral, an Afrofuturism print can add a perfect pop of visual interest. If you want to start experimenting with playful decor, this is an excellent place to start. Not only will this collection breathe new life into your space, but it will also make a powerful statement on the importance of Black art and culture.

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Dynamic Black History Month Paintings

Digital paintings are unparalleled in their vibrancy and dynamic appearance. There’s something inherently bold about high-tech artwork. These collage-like pieces are a joyful symphony of subjects. One of our top trending collections last year was our “mystical” collection, and this catalog is an upgraded version. With spiritual imagery and dreamy scenery, give your home a contemporary look with an Afrofuturism print. Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to show your love for Black lives and artwork. Don’t be shy about your support–shout it from the rooftops! If you have Black lineage yourself, Black wall art is a great way to celebrate your heritage. Showcase your appreciation for your community and your family background.

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Choosing the Right Print for Your Space

Our Afrofuturism collection is filled with prints in a variety of layouts and color schemes. No matter your personal aesthetic or current decor, you’re bound to find a piece that works in your home. If you have a large wall to fill, consider a horizontal, multi-panel print. For a narrower area, explore our vertical wall art. If you want to contrast the modern theme of the print, try a traditional frame. When considering color scheme, tie your interior together with one of these multi-colored pieces. The trick is to stick to either a warm or cool color palette for cohesion.

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More Black History Month Wall Art

Looking for more culturally relevant wall art ideas? We support a wide variety of diverse up-and-coming artists. Your support for Black culture should extend beyond the month of February. Black lives and accomplishments should be celebrated every day. Art is a great way to showcase your beliefs and make a statement about what you stand for. If you are an advocate for equality, celebrate Black History Month loud and proud. We are a strong supporter of diversity and POC representation. This month is an excellent opportunity to educate ourselves on the past, present, and future of Black America. Happy Black History Month from us to you!

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