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Let’s celebrate two of the most iconic sitcoms of all time – Friends and The Big Bang Theory. These two timeless shows have made us laugh for decades. There’s a reason they’re two of the most-watched series in the history of television. We’re lucky enough to have a unique partnership with Warner Brothers, the studio that owns these two pieces of comedy history. Our exclusively licensed Warner Brothers collection is full of hilarious and charming pieces of wall decor. If you’re looking for the perfect way to showcase your love for one of these two hilarious shows, consider wall art! Artwork makes an ideal conversation piece. Discover our top picks for Friends and The Big Bang Theory wall decor, and decorate your home with your fav!

Iconic Friends Wall Art Ideas

What’s your favorite Friends scene? We have wall prints that showcase some of the most memorable moments from the series. From screen grabs from the pilot, to images from the series finale, choose your top Friends flashback! Our designers have created vibrant, quirky pieces of artwork with unforgettable scenes. Choose a piece that features your favorite characters at their most entertaining.

PS These prints also make great gifts for the Friends-obsessed friend in your life!  

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friends tv show wall decor ideas

Classic Quotes – Friends Wall Decor

Can you quote every episode from Friends? Challenge your friends to Friends quote battles! Set the mood with a playful print of some of your favorite Friends dialogue. Who’s your favorite character? Opt for a piece of wall art with one of their classic catchphrases! One of our favorite pieces is the Joey Tribbiani-inspired, two-panel print duo. Double panel wall art is super trendy in 2023, and Friends is a fun way to play with this popular style! Don’t shy away from bright colors and bold typography – this is a 90s sitcom after all!

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Friends Interior Design Concepts

Not only is Friends filled with hilarious jokes, but it’s also a great source of interior design inspiration! Monica’s apartment is quirky, curated, and quintessentially New York! Another popular hangout is the hip café, Central Perk. Turn your dining area into a space for socializing with a Central Perk-inspired piece of wall art. If you really want to add a hint of Central Perk-style charm, try adding some vintage furniture throughout your space.

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friends tv show wall art ideas

Big Bang Theory Apartment Decor: The Cast

Bazinga! It’s time to switch over to The Big Bang Theory. With 12 side-splitting seasons, this sitcom boasts a total of 297 episodes. If you love watching Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny, browse our Big Bang Theory collection! Choose a fun piece of wall art that includes the entire main cast. Get inspired by the big-brained characters and hang a piece of wall art over your workspace! If you’re decorating your first apartment, The Big Bang Theory is the perfect splash of decor that exemplifies the memories made in your 20s.

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The (Big Bang Theory) Friendship Algorithm

If there’s one thing they have in common besides the endless jokes, Friends and The Big Bang Theory both celebrate friendship! The characters are undoubtedly what make a sitcom successful. More specifically, the success is reliant on the relationship between the characters. Perhaps one of the most iconic moments from The Big Bang theory is in the thirteenth episode of season two. Sheldon tries to create an algorithm for friendship. This endearing quest has become the subject of one of our favorite Big Bang Theory prints. This cheeky piece is ideal for your living room or any other communal space!

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Comedic Sheldon Cooper Decor

Speaking of Sheldon, this brilliant character was one of the moved-loved from the series – and it’s easy to see why. He is a lovable genius with a heart of gold. Sheldon even has his own spinoff series that is currently on its sixth season. Hang an endearing print of Sheldon Cooper to add a pop of personality to your space. We also have several prints of other main Big Bang Theory characters!

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Friends vs Big Bang Theory – What’s Your Pick?

It’s the battle of (arguably) two of the greatest sitcoms of all time! Which one wins in your book? No matter which show tickles your fancy, wall decor is a great way to celebrate your fandom! If there’s another TV show or film you want to support, browse our entire selection of movie and television-themed wall art. For more creative interior design ideas, visit our inspiration blog.  Looking for exclusive, officially licensed print? Check out our entire Warner Brothers catalog here!

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