It’s difficult to define the term “classic.” At its root, it refers to a standard that has stood the test of time. A classic interior incorporates traditional elements that have proven popular decade after decade. Classic is also unassuming in the sense that there is no single distinct era on which your space is based. Your interior should look mature, sophisticated, and carefully curated. We have put together a list of classic wall art for every room in your home.

A Neutral Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, which means it should promote peace and tranquility. Create a classic bedroom using neutral tones like beige and ivory. Make your room feel extra-cozy with knitted throws and a variety of pale-toned pillows. Hang a piece of classic artwork with a very subtle pop of color like blue or green. You can’t go wrong with a simple painting hung directly above the bed.

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Cotton Bouquet Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Minimalist Bathroom

A classic bathroom is a refreshing reprieve from daily life. It’s where you go to recharge and reset. Commit to a sleek, spa-like bathroom with minimal clutter. Use warm, sandy tones to avoid your space looking too cold. Classic design should be welcoming, so the warm shades will offset the sparse décor. Treat yourself to an at-home pampering sesh with a few luxury bath products, and then leave them on display! Hang a vintage-inspired print to marry the modern and traditional aesthetics.

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Grooming II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Timeless Dining Room

The dining room is a place where friends and family congregate and connect. Make your dining room feel welcoming and luxurious at the same time. A formal dining room is a privilege to have, so give it a little extra love and care! Find tan upholstered dining chairs and sleek wooden details. Keep your place settings out on display, and choose a piece of classic artwork to hang above the table. From Van Gogh to Degas, you can’t go wrong with famous fine art.

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The Star Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Cozy Living Room

Curl up with a cup of coffee and a book in your classic living space. A traditional living room is all about comfort and ease. Combine both warm and cool tones to create a living room that looks casually chic. Stick to light shades like pastels to ensure a timeless look. Make a piece of large wall art the center of your space. Choose a shabby chic-inspired print to make a statement that still looks cozy.

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Parisian Flowers III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Quality Kitchen

Your kitchen is the ideal space to splurge on high-quality finishes and details. After all, it is considered the heart of the home. Use classic elements like reclaimed wood and vintage spice jars. If you have the space, a farmhouse sink will never go out of style. Make sure your kitchen has adequate lighting, as it should be the brightest space in your entire interior. Choose a neutral-toned print with a vintage theme to add a thoughtful touch.

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Cafe de Paris I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Classic Decor Ideas

From a cozy living room to a traditional dining space, every area can benefit from classic wall art. It’s easy to transform your space into a classic-inspired interior with a few timeless details. Revamp your home in 2021 with eye-catching canvas prints. Browse our extensive collection of single and multi-panel artwork, and choose your favorite piece for each room. A classic home is an inspiring home.

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