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In design, “rustic” is not synonymous with “old.” In fact, it’s largely the opposite. Rustic colors can be exciting and multi-dimensional. Not to mention, the contemporary rustic color palette is all the rage among millennials and young designers.

When you're browsing through these rustic wall decor ideas, don't forget that designing a rustic space doesn’t mean solely sticking to neutrals. Muted shades of red wine and forest green can add dimension to your space. Consider adding dusty rose and powder grey to your rustic theme. Whether you choose warm or cool tones, a burnt orange or a chic mauve can take your interior to a whole new level.

Let’s go over the rustic color palette and discover the perfect hues and curated wall art to spice up your space.

Reinvent Natural Tones

Take an old bench and put it to use in your new space! Imagine sitting on a wooden bench on Sunday morning, with a cup of warm coffee in hand. Pair your new seating area with cozy beige pillows for a soft touch. Wood floors are essential to achieving the rustic look, and you’ll want to mix different shades of wood-based furniture to give your living room a truly organic appearance. Plus, the more earthy, neutral tones you use as a base, the more you can play with colorful details like peach and olive!

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Rustic color palette

For rustic canvas painting ideas, our wine-themed wall art provides the perfect hint of beautiful burgundy. To keep with the jewel-toned accents, choose a jade-colored plant for a sophisticated pop of color. Don’t be afraid to mix black and brown, as traditional farmhouse interiors use a wide array of deep neutral tones.

The Coziest Colors

Rustic design is all about feeling comfy and cozy, which is why the bedroom is one of the most important areas to decorate. As long as you stick to wooden furniture and neutral details, your bedding is a great spot to incorporate more vibrant hues. For bedroom-friendly rustic wall ideas, look for warm-toned wall art that feels especially homey to hang above your headboard.

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Rustic color palette

Dusty rose bedding provides just enough color without looking out of place. Grey-toned throws and pillows will put the chic in shabby-chic. Your bedroom is a personal space, so this is the room where you should add shades that suit your personal style! Feel free to experiment with pinks, peaches, and greys.

Sticks and Stones

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your great room, you’re already one step closer to achieving the ideal rustic interior. Choosing the perfect piece of wall art to hang above your mantel is absolutely imperative to completing the look of your living room. Tie together shades of stone grey and cedar brown in a painting that utilizes warm and cool neutrals. For the ultimate rustic wall covering idea, get the look of a classic deer mount with a gorgeous buck silhouette.

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Rustic color palette

Brown leather furniture is timeless and only looks better with time. Plus, brown furniture pieces allow you to get more adventurous when it comes to adding frills. Your living room should feel like the great outdoors has crept its way inside, which is why it is an excellent space to add touches of greenery. Choose pale pink flowers or sage green houseplants to balance the masculine hues.

A Dreamy Dining Room

Who said your dining room has to be serious and solemn? Make this formal space feel fun again with vivid floral hues. Take inspiration from wildflowers to keep with the rustic theme. Rather than choosing a typical flower arrangement from the store, pick seasonal flora yourself for a truly natural look. Rotate your color palette around what’s blooming at the time, and choose a reddish wood to complement the warmer tones in your fresh-cut centerpiece.

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Rustic color paletteYour dining area is the perfect place to add an accent wall. While you want your décor to be the center of attention, a muted mauve acts as a refreshing deviation from the classic beige. For a similar rustic canvas painting idea, look for perfectly imperfect botanical wall art to tie together the pinks, oranges, and blues.

Advice from a Pro

Caitlyn Davidian, owner of Studio C Interiors, believes that rustic reds and browns can ground your space and provide a sense of comfort. She warns designers to choose their dark hues carefully, as too many deep tones can make your space feel heavy.

Davidian shares, “One way to incorporate a dark, rustic red is to treat it like a neutral tone. So, instead of a [typical] beige or white sofa, try a dark red. Make sure to keep your [area] rug a lighter neutral shade. Perhaps try a flat, woven rug, or a floral/geometric pattern that incorporates those reddish hues.”

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Rustic color palette

Davidian also notes the importance of tying in the rustic woods, “If you have a walnut bench, pair it with a red upholstered seat so that the red brings out the vibrant, [natural] wood tones.”

Ready for Rustic?

It’s time to follow your rustic dreams and revamp your space. Don’t forget, neutral doesn’t mean monochromatic! Experiment with an organic color palette and finally get the effortless, natural interior you always dreamed of.

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