It’s impossible to watch Netflix’s Bridgerton without falling in love with the decadent interiors. Bridgerton is set in the Regency era in affluent London, and the architecture reflects the late Georgian period. Everything in the early 1800s was grand, especially for the Bridgerton’s! With an excessively romantic set with furnishings to die for, it’s no wonder so many homeowners and designers are taking inspiration from this grandiose show. From classic wall art to opulent lighting, give your space a Bridgerton-style makeover with a modern twist.

Wedgewood Blue

Perhaps the most noticeable recurring theme in Bridgerton is the consistent use of “Wedgwood Blue.” This shade of blue was named after the iconic fine china from England that was popular at the time. It is a soft, pale blue with a hint of grey. It is undeniably classy, and instantly evokes the feeling of Bridgerton. For a Hollywood-inspired regency bedroom idea, look for bedding in this iconic light blue shade, and paint an accent wall to match. The hue should be slightly darker than sky blue and marginally more muted.

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Regency era decor inspo

Marvelous Marble

Marble has always been touted as a luxurious finish, even in the 1800s. The Bridgerton set designers built interiors with marble aplenty, to showcase the financial status of the title family. If you’re looking for new kitchen countertops, consider a subtle marble stone. The key is to look for very subtle variation, as classic marble was much less dynamic and more uniform. If you’re not keen on a kitchen remodel, choose a piece of wall art that mimics the look of marble for a vintage-meets-modern look.

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Gilded Details

There’s one thing that has screamed “wealth” since the beginning of time: gold. There are gold details everywhere in Bridgerton, and gold is a super simple element to work into your current interior. First, change your hardware from silver to gold. Silver has been making its way out for a while, and Bridgerton just solidified it! Next, choose accent furniture with a gold finish. Finally, pick a piece of wall art that radiates both “Regency” and the color gold.

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Candlelit Glow

Back in the Bridgerton era, oil lamps and candlelight were the most popular way to illuminate a room after dark. Proper lighting is key to capturing this ethereal look. Ditch harsh, overhead lighting and decorate your space exclusively with lamps. To mimic authentic Regency interior design, mount golden sconces on the wall. You can also find lamps that resemble traditional candelabras.

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Dramatic Drapes

The Bridgerton set designers insist that dramatic drapes were key to completing the overall look. Curtains are often overlooked when designing a home, but they can make the most visual impact. Whether layered, long, or sleek and simple, drapes can say so much about a space. When it comes to Regency decor in Hollywood, the fabrics must hold significant weight to achieve the proper draping effect. The thicker the better! It’s also important to seek out fabrics that mimic the look of silk or satin.

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Regency Decor in Hollywood

Bridgerton is about to inspire interiors all around the world this year. Expect to see lots of Wedgewood Blue popping up in 2021. From soft color palettes, to opulent details, it’s impossible not to drool over the Bridgerton set design. Make yourself feel like an heiress by adding some Regency era details to your home. After all, a little grandeur never hurt anybody.

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