Décor at Dusk: A Sunset-Inspired Interior

Searching for the perfect color palette to redecorate your interior? Sunsets are irrefutably stunning. Steal from sunset-inspired shades and create your own personal golden hour. Whether the desert sky is neon orange, or the ocean horizon turns the perfect shade of pink, dusk is one of the most beautiful sights nature has to offer. From sunset wall art to warm-toned décor, there are countless ways to incorporate these striking evening hues.


There’s something special about sunset orange. The golden rays from the sun combine with the peach-toned clouds to create a remarkable tangerine color.  This marriage of yellow and orange will instantly brighten your interior. Tangerine is eye-catching and mood-lifting. Make your space look instantly livelier by adding a tangerine sunset painting, or choosing furniture in this vivid shade.

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If you’re looking for a softer sunset shade, consider light purple. A lilac hue will capture the essence of the sinking sun without overwhelming your space. Lavender is a calming tone that still adds a striking pop of color. Choose artwork or fabric with an ombre effect to directly mimic the look of a sunset. The more variations of light purple, the better!

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Sunset inspired decor ideas


You can’t go wrong with gold. Take inspiration from the glowing sun and add gilded details to your living space. Swap out cool-toned lighting for bulbs that emit a warm glow. Choose metals like gold, bronze and copper instead of silver and nickel. Hang a piece of sunset wall art that highlights soft, golden sunlight. Pair this print with neutral-toned furniture to make it the focus of the room.

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Just after the sun sinks below the horizon, the sky turns a brilliant shade of azure. This rich, blue color pairs perfectly with everything from pastels to neutrals. Offset warm metal accents with this opulent blue hue. This dusk-inspired blue is the perfect way to add cool tones that don’t look icy.

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Sunset inspired decor ideas


Last but certainly not least is rosy pink! Pink is the color that comes to mind when most people hear the word, “sunset.” This particular shade of pink was meant to stand out rather than blend in. Use this bright, rose pink as the focal point of your space. The perfect shade of sunset pink is not too cool and not too warm. Your lavender and peach shades should stand on their own, so search for shades that are described as a “true pink.” Pair a bright, rose-pink couch with a stunning sunset painting to get the full evening effect.

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Sunset Painting Ideas & More

Combine each of these lovely shades for a true sunset-inspired interior. Wow your guests with a space that evokes sweet memories of dusk. Go for a literal approach with sunset paintings, or incorporate sunset hues with subtle accent pieces. From your furniture to your walls, turn your home into a calming space with no shortage of color. Make your interior shine, even on the cloudiest days.

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Annette Schmucker