In every home, the bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal space for everyone. Even though your guests may not actually see this room in your home, it still deserves a lovely makeover. From wall art to serene color schemes, your bedroom sets the mood after a hectic day. Explore master bedroom paint ideas, and don’t forget that it is the room to showcase your personality and artistic tastes.

Here are the easiest paint ideas for bedrooms and more!

Choose Subtle Colors

When browsing master bedroom paint ideas, rather than choosing bold primary hues, you should ideally choose soothing paint colors and a relaxing palette of monochromatic colors. Also, keep in mind the basic color theory – gently shades of lavender, green, or blue bring a sense of serenity and calmness to your space. 

Delicate touches of rich jewel-tones shades can set the mood by adding a sense of comfort and coziness to your bedroom. These hues might include deep pomegranate, topaz, or toasty browns. Toned-down versions of your most favorite shades can do the job excellently.


Les Jardin II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Keep Things Simple 

Your bedroom should look and feel cozy, simple, and elegant, no matter your preferred style. For easy movement and navigation, consider leaving a minimum of 3-4 feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture.
Similarly, keep two feet between low furniture and your bed. If you want comfortable space to walk around the bed to get from your bathroom to the closet, think of where you want to place the bed.

Do not clutter your bedroom with unnecessary furniture and accent pieces. Instead, place only what is necessary. A bed – king or queen size, a dresser, a loveseat, and a bedside table are necessities. If you have a little extra space, you can place a chest of drawers in the closet.

Keep minimum accessories. Only display items that bring you joy. For minimalist bedroom art ideas, choose beautiful canvas wall art, arrange family photos, and add candles and flowers. We have plenty of curated collections and color ideas for bedroom walls.


Dreams Come True Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Combine Eclectic Elements

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. It should express your unique sensibility and should feel warm and cozy. When it comes to bedroom art ideas for the eclectic spirit, you can pair elements such as a vintage screen, a lovely Moroccan rug, or a black and white wall art. 

You can incorporate smooth and rough textures with shaggy throw rugs and thick, weave fabrics on wooden furniture. The utility should inform your decor. Consider baskets, card tables, bookshelves, and drink trays to lend a lived-in atmosphere to your bedroom.

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Namaste Mehndi Art Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Plenty of Storage

Add a serene feeling to your bedroom by storing things out of sight that will make your space appear calmer. Select a roomy bedside table that features doors and drawers. You can use this table to store your books, lotions, and reading glasses, making your room look de-cluttered. If you want more storage, you should ideally choose a skirted table or a small dresser, featuring drawers.

Invest in a storage bench or a trunk at the foot of the bed for extra storage for pillows, additional sheets, and blankets. For easily reachable items, you can consider using a headboard with built-in shelves and/or sliding panels.


Dreamcatcher Sunset Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bedroom Art Ideas

Your bedroom is where you relax, restore your energy, and get the sweetest dreams. Use our paint color ideas for bedrooms to make your space as pleasant as possible for a truly peaceful sleep! 




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