By the end of 2021, dinner parties are set to return in spades! Use this time of isolation to prep your dining space for the parties of the future. Start creating your menu and refining your décor so that when the time comes, you can send out the invites stress-free! Choose the perfect floral arrangement and matching piece of wall art for a cozy, cohesive aesthetic. Practice your dining room table decoration for the ultimate soiree, and test out these tips and tricks to ensure a successful group meal.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Most restaurants dim their lights when the clock strikes six. Soft lighting can instantly create a romantic ambience, ideal for an intimate dinner party. Installing dimmers for your existing fixtures is fairly easy. Plus, a low-lit room can actually heighten taste and allow your guests to focus on the delicious food. You can also add a modern chandelier for a stylish, soft-focus look. When in doubt, fill your table with candles! You can never go wrong with ethereal candlelight when it comes to dining room table decoration ideas. If you're looking for art in your dining room, pair your dreamy atmosphere with a print from the classic master of light, Johannes Vermeer.

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Make a List, Check it Twice

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to run to the store after your guests have already arrived. Make sure you have more than enough matching place settings, so no guest feels like the odd one out. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find matching utensils and dinnerware at your local big box (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc.) or even at the dollar store! Your guests won’t know how much you spent on silverware; they will be too busy marveling at the curated place settings. From silk-style tablecloths to ribbon-tied napkins, there are also tons DIY dining room table decoration ideas that will make your space look effortlessly expensive.

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Decorate a Dining Room Fit for Dinner Parties

Don’t be Afraid to Rearrange

If you live in a small home, don’t feel obligated to keep your current dining set up. Move your dining space to the center of the room to maximize space. Allow enough room for your guests to walk around the table without feeling cramped. Move unnecessary furniture out of the way, and let the focus stay on the dinner table.

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Personalize Your Décor

Make your guests feel extra special by personalizing their seat at the table. Write each guest’s name on a piece of cardstock, and place it on top of their napkin. Transcribe their initials on paper cocktail napkins for a monogrammed touch. You can also create coasters from cardstock and write a special note to each attendee. For a finishing touch, add a sprig of their favorite plant or flower on top of their place setting.

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Decorate a Dining Room Fit for Dinner Parties

The Power of Flowers

Not only are flowers an attractive addition to any dinner party, but they can highlight your chosen theme. If you’re serving homemade sushi, add cherry blossoms to your display. Giving your guests a taste of the tropics? Opt for a bouquet of hibiscus. Perhaps you’re after a simple, romantic ambience. In that case, an arrangement of roses can never be beat. The scent of fresh flowers can also mix beautifully with a flavorful meal.

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Decoration of the Dining Room

Throwing a flawless dinner party takes practice. Host a virtual get-together to get a sense of what your crowd wants and needs. Purchase any additional supplies ASAP, so that your future gatherings are easy and breezy! Be the host with the most this year, and get your guests gushing over your sophisticated set-up. There’s no time like the present to plan your perfect party.

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