Floral prints are both timeless and versatile. Whether your space is chic and modern or classic and traditional, floral prints can instantly elevate your interior. Add a delicate touch to your home with a wide array of flower-themed decor. There are tons of trendy ways to incorporate floral patterns into your living space. No matter your current aesthetic, its worth exploring the magic of this ethereal 2021 trend. Find the perfect piece of floral and botanical wall art to match your space.

Dark Romance

Create a moody, romantic interior with pale pink roses against a dark accent wall. The dark paint color will modernize the classic pink flowers, and the floral print will prevent your space from looking gothic. Add ultra-modern furniture for a contemporary twist, and continuously use warm pink as an accent shade throughout your space. Add modern metallic details and funky patterns like cheetah textiles and marbled surfaces.

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Bed Of Pink Roses Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Take a cue from California and create a bright, palm tree-inspired interior. Get inspired by coastal bungalows with light wood and ivory furniture. Use pale neutrals like sandy beige throughout your room. For the floral focal point, cover your wall with tropical wallpaper. Accessories with tropical houseplants and printed pillows. For a pop of color, consider vibrant shades of coral, tangerine, and teal. The goal is to make your living room look like a modern beach cottage with high-end details.

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Living Room Floral Print Ideas


“Grandmillenninal” has been coined as one of the hottest new styles for 2021. This trend combines millennial modernism with grandma’s shabby-chic style. Think “granny-chic.” This aesthetic is a love letter to maximalism, as it encourages utilizing more patterns and busy compositions. Embrace ruffles, flowers, and bold prints for this trendy twist on shabby-chic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with clashing colors and styles. The more eclectic and feminine, the better! The best part about this style is that the loose guidelines allow you to put your own personal touch on a vintage-inspired trend.

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Eco Love Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Just because you prefer modern, monochromatic interiors, doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the floral print trend! There are plenty of neutral-toned prints that can add a subtle floral touch to your living room. Avoid an overly-frilly look by choosing a piece with tones of taupe, grey, and gold. Decorate your room with colors like beige, grey, and ivory. When it comes to color, add modern shades of teal and golden yellow. Make sure your floral addition has an abstract appearance to ensure a truly contemporary aesthetic.

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Velvety Florals Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Last year we saw photorealistic wallpaper rise in popularity, and the trend has continued to flourish in 2021. Seek out floral wallpaper that mimics the look of a vintage photograph. Focus on muted tones like dusty rose and dark grey. You can opt to cover an entire wall, or only cover the upper half. Paint the surrounding walls in a dark, modern shade to make your wallpaper really pop. Use lots of cool-toned furniture and matte black details. This wallpaper trend is also great for rentals because it is easily removable.

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Living Room Floral Print Ideas

Floral & Botanical Prints 

Floral prints won’t look dated if you style them correctly. Whether you prefer a dark and moody interior or a light and bright space, there is a floral print fit for you. Consider the best ways to style floral print in 2021, and try out your favorite trend. Add a funky touch to your living room with bold prints and striking colors. Steal design inspo from mother nature herself and add fun floral details to your space. 2021 is all about making bold choices, so there’s no better time to experiment with this eye-catching trend.

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