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Popular paint supplier, Dulux, has made their own predictions for the top 2021 color trends. Inspired by earthly simplicity and our connection to the natural world, Dulux has chosen a shade titled, “Brave Ground.” This mix of beige and taupe is the perfect neutral to use as a base for your interior. Create a calming atmosphere for 2021 with Dulux’s stylish tips. From neutral wall art to tawny textiles, here’s how to incorporate “Brave Ground” into every room of the house.

Bathroom in Beige

Gone are the days when bathrooms looked sterile and cool. 2021 is all about making your home both sleek and livable. Use light, earthy shades throughout your space to create a spa-like experience. Choose countertops that mimic stone, and select beige-toned towels to match. Display vanilla-scented incense for a truly decadent experience, and fill decorative glass jars with sand, pebbles, and other decorative sedimentary elements. Keep clutter to a minimum, and display only your most aesthetically pleasing products. If you want to incorporate a hint of color, opt for another earthy hue like sage or clay.

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Dulux color of the year

Neutral Bedroom Ideas

You spend the majority of your life in the bedroom, so why not put a little extra effort into the décor?  Nothing says “warm and cozy” quit like taupe and tan. These neutrals are warmer than grey, but still produce a calming effect. If you’re looking for neutral bedroom ideas, consider painting your walls in “Brave Ground” and choosing textiles to match. Combine tones like ivory, beige, pebble, and nude. Create a sense of stability in your sleeping space by layering a variety of neutral shades and cozy textures. Hang a piece of wall art that includes both warm and cool tones for some visual variation.

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Warm Winter Light I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Grounded Kitchen

Warm-toned kitchens can look modern too! “Brave Ground” has just enough subtle, cool undertones to match your stainless-steel appliances. Choose seating that combines wood seating and silver legs for a perfect balance. For countertops, go for a glossy wood (or imitation wood) surface. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of changing your current countertops, add a rolling kitchen island with a wooden surface to the center of your space.

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Dulux color of the year

Dulux-Inspired Dining Room

Hop on the bandwagon of the “informal formal dining room.” Incorporate rustic elements, and leave the sophisticated look for your other living spaces. Create a space where you can comfortably chat with your friends in a chill atmosphere. Choose a neutral painting with a natural theme that reflects the earthy attitude of “Brave Ground.” Go for light wood furniture, and accessorize with ivory and off-white. Keep your dining area bright and cheery with fresh flowers and casual table settings.

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Autumn Bridge Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Modern Living Space

Just because Dulux has deemed a taupe-toned shade the “Color of the Year,” doesn’t man you have to stick to neutrals exclusively! The team at Dulux has also come up with some vibrant shades to pair with “Brave Ground.” Their top picks include vivid pink hues like raspberry, coral, and rose. Like “Brave Ground,” these shades lean warm, but are not devoid of cool undertones. Paint your living room in Dulux’s Color of the Year, and hang a piece of wall art with bright purple and pink colors. You can also add some statement furnishings in rose or coral.

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Pink Marble Veins Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Neutral Wall Décor & More

From neutral bedroom ideas to a totally trendy living space, there are tons of ways to incorporate Dulux’s Color of the Year. Get a head start on this year’s top trends and start 2021 the right way. Give your space a stylish boost and make your home feel like a modern sanctuary. Explore neutrals with a pop of color, and embrace the nature of change.

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