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Calling all dreamers! Tammy Kushnir has created a multicolored dreamscape for every escapist at heart. With a penchant for vibrant acrylics, Tammy is inspired by both natural beauty and human emotion.

Search For Your True Adventure Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Meet Our Artist of Month!

Tammy Kushnir realized her passion for fine art at an early age. For as long as she can remember, she has used painting and drawing as an emotional outlet. Currently represented by Stravitz Sculpture & Fine Art Gallery in Virginia Beach, Kushnir has won several prestigious awards for her evocative artwork.

The Origin

Though no stranger to the world of fine art, Kushnir’s creative epiphany came from a soul-stirring trip to Alaska in 2017. The otherworldly, natural surroundings reinvigorated her long-time love for putting a paintbrush to paper. From the northern lights to the glowing glaciers, the energy of the Alaskan wilderness consistently permeates Kushnir’s work. She is a major proponent in following your heart when it comes to artistic creation.

“I feed off of [my emotions] and allow them to guide my work.”

Canvas wall art print by Tammy Kushnir

The Dark Side

Though renowned for her feel-good images of sunsets and landscapes, Kushnir has begun to explore her darker side. She has expressed fascination with deeper, moodier themes in conjunction with suburban subject matter.

“At the moment, I am enjoying painting a new series with houses. It is on the darker side. I find it quite satisfying.”

With signature taglines like, “Follow your own path,” and “Make your dreams a reality,” this shadier series is a leap into the unknown. Kushnir, however, has welcomed this unexpected artistic inspiration with open arms.

Just Breathe Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

The Future

Becoming an artist is the only path Kushnir could imagine for herself, save a few fantastic pipe dreams.

“If I weren’t an artist, and I could pull it off, I’d love to be a rock star!”

This whimsical attitude is evident in her work, and her free spirit radiates through every piece. No matter which creative subject matter she chooses to explore, her emotions will continue to be the driving force behind her art. From illustration to mixed-media, there is no medium that Kushnir won’t touch. A master at multi-textural creations, she strives to create landscapes that have never been seen before. She closes her interview with an all-too-relevant quote from Ghandi.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

canvas wall art print by Tammy Kushnir

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