We could all use a tropical escape from reality. From 1960s Hawaiiana, to modern island luxury, the South Pacific has always held a certain charm for interior designers. Imagine sipping a delicious Mai Tai and staring out at the crystal blue waves. While you may not be able to teleport yourself to a remote island, you can make your space feel like a permanent vacation by incorporating Polynesian-inspired wall art and décor.

Fresh Frangipanis

While visual details are important, it’s crucial to incorporate all of your senses when redesigning your home. Not only do fresh flowers look stunning, but the smell of native Polynesian flora will instantly put you in a relaxed state of mind. Choose fragrant flowers such as Hibiscus, Frangipani, and the Tahitian Gardenia. Fill your home with a super sweet scent, and experience the natural beauty of the islands every day.

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Polynesian Décor ideas

Window Wall Art

Not all of us can have a window that looks out at the Pacific Ocean. While we may not be able to offer you whale watching from the comfort of your own home, we can suggest the next best thing. Window wall art is a print that mimics the look of an open window. You can choose practically any landscape as your faux view. While you may have to spritz the air with salt water to permeate your house with the smell of the sea, modifying your view is as simple as hanging tropical wall art.

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Window To Summer Palm Tree Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Tantalizing Tiki Bar

Tiki-themed bars rose to popularity in the Mid-century and it’s easy to see why. Tiki bars have a kitschy appeal that retro-aficionados will love. The laid-back style of the tiki bar is perfect for kicking your feet up and throwing out your inhibitions. Create your own tiki bar cart by selecting a bamboo-style wet bar on wheels. Fill it with quirky Hawaiiana memorabilia like hulu dancers and faux palms. A tiki theme is also an excellent kitchen island décor idea. Just remember, stick with décor made from natural materials as plastic pieces are taboo.

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Polynesian Décor Ideas

Island Authenticity

Looking for a more authentic take on Polynesian design? Kitschy isn’t for everyone. Some homeowners would rather capture the true essence of South Pacific décor. It’s extremely difficult to find authentic Polynesian furniture in the commercial market, and most homes tend to opt for more affordable Indonesian replicas. However, if you want to be historically accurate, look for carvings with Polynesian motifs. If you’re looking for a simpler representation of Polynesian history, choose a piece of wall art that mimics the look of vegetable-derived ochre pigments. You can also play with natural materials like coral and Koa wood.

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The Ochre Valley Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

All Things Wood

Speaking of wood, you can’t go overboard with wooden details when it comes to Polynesian design. From exposed beams to hand-carved furniture, wood is the defining feature in Polynesian interiors. Look for wood with warm undertones, and avoid finishes that lean too grey. You can also explore wicker-style furnishings that us a woven technique. You can also pair your wood furniture with a piece of tropical wall art that has visible texture.

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Wooden Monstera Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tropical Decorating Ideas

Travel from Tahiti to Bora Bora from the comfort of your own home. Create a Polynesian-inspired atmosphere with island flora and wooden details. From tiki-themed kitchen island décor ideas, to photorealistic tropical wall art, there are countless ways to hint at the stunning South Pacific.

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