2021 is all about taking risks. Once you have a handle on your overall décor, it’s time to start breaking some rules! When executed correctly, sometimes evading tried-and-true tips can actually improve your interior. While some design rules should be followed indefinitely, we’re going to walk you through our favorite guidelines to throw out! From forgetting odd-numbered wall art, to mixing metals to your heart’s content, here are the best décor rules to break:

Matching Seats

The era of matching dining chairs has finally come to an end. We’re ringing in the new year with a quirky new trend. Give your dining room an eclectic look by mixing different styles of chairs. The only cohesive element should be the height of the chairs, so your guests don’t feel awkward during group conversations. Feel free to mix both light and dark tones, as well as different textures. From neutral woods to colorful metals, find singular dining chairs at flea markets and consignment stores.

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Shades for Small Spaces

Everyone knows the classic rule: If you want your space to look larger, paint the walls a light color. If you live in a small space, don’t feel limited by this common misconception! Paint can only do so much when it comes to expanding an already small space, and dark colors can make a room look stylish and dramatic. Painting your walls in a statement shade can make a small space feel both cozy and chic. If you’re still worried about the illusion of size, hang a mirror or a bright colored piece of wall art to break up the room.

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Faux Greenery

Faux greenery used to be a huge faux pas. However, fake plants have gotten so realistic-looking, it’s hard to tell the difference these days. If your home isn’t the right environment for live flora, you can incorporate fake plants without anyone noticing the difference. Make sure the leaves stay dusted and there’s enough tonal variation in your faux plant of choice, and you’ll fool any discerning eye! If you don’t have the time to care for a living plant, this is a totally viable alternative.

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Mixing Metals

Matching metals used to be the only way to go. With warmer metals coming back in style but stainless steel seemingly here to stay, we’re entering the age of mixing metals! You can use gold hardware next to bronze dish-ware and a silver sink. Mixing metals can look dynamic and experimental. Play around with different shiny shades and don’t be afraid to get a little avant-garde.

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Five Décor Rules You Should Break

Odd One Out

Decorating in odd numbers has been the industry standard since the beginning of interior design. However, we’re starting to see a growing trend of hanging wall art in pairs. As long as you make sure your canvases are large enough and spaced properly, two parallel pieces can look absolutely striking. You can even stack two pairs on top of each other for a square-style display that will wow your guests. Odd numbers are out and even numbers are in!

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Whatever Makes You Happy

While design rules can help you build a stylish interior, they can also hinder your creativity. Once you have a good handle on your overall space, it’s time to add some originality. Take décor rules with a grain of salt, and pick and choose your favorite guidelines. At the end of the day, it’s about building an interior that makes you happy, whatever that may be!

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