Purple is a hot color for 2021, and there are infinite ways to incorporate this effortlessly cool hue. Take inspiration from the French countryside, and fill your home with lavender-infused details. Fantasize about the dreamy region of Provence, where cobblestone streets meet fragrant lavender fields. Quaint villages sit on picturesque cliff sides, and the iconic Riviera is just a stone’s throw away. Combine the quintessential French “je ne sais quoi” with this ultra-trendy shade. From wall art to fresh flowers, these are our favorite Provence-infused purple room ideas.

La Cuisine

The kitchen is an essential space when it comes to crafting the perfect French home. Although French kitchens may be characteristically small, they are not lacking in character. Fill vases with fresh lavender sprigs, and hang a lavender-inspired print on the wall. Look for hand towels in muted purple tones like periwinkle and lilac, and keep your countertops and cabinets a clean, white shade. If you really want to maximize French charm, hang an antique chandelier over your cooking space to marry sophistication and rusticity.

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Purple room decor ideas

Le Salon

Your living room is the perfect place to get creative with lavender shades. Pick a pale purple velvet couch to lounge on at the end of a long day. Cover your chic sofa in ivory and beige pillows, and don’t be afraid to mix both warm and cool neutral tones. Purple has the magical quality of matching both warm and cool colors. Choose an area rug with lavender and grey running through the textured fabric. Make your space really pop with a multi-panel piece of purple wall decor that depicts a dreamy sunrise in the region of Provence.

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Majestic Lavender Field Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

La Chambre

Lavender is universally known to promote sleep. Let your lavender-inspired interior go beyond just visual details. Spritz your pillow with lavender essential oils before bed, and place satchels of dried lavender flowers in your drawers for a subtle, relaxing scent. Layer different shades of purple blankets, and add pops of purple throughout the room. The goal is to create a laid-back look with an ultra-chic color palette. An authentic French interior looks both stylish and casual all at the same time.

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Purple room ideas

Le Bain

Turn your bathroom into an at-home spa with a touch of lavender. Purchase lavender-scented bath products for a fragrant treat, and place dried lavender in a vase on your countertop. Hang light purple towels for a space that looks feminine and fresh. Hang a piece of purple wall decor that celebrates pampering yourself, and use lavender to inspire your sumptuous spa evenings.

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Relaxing Lavender Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

La Table

When it comes to your dining room, explore the darker side of purple hues. Opt for furniture in colors like eggplant and mauve. Pick a table made from light, unfinished wood to make the purple really pop. If you’re looking for a tablecloth to match, consider purple’s classy cousin - heather grey! Choose a velvet table runner in a rich royal purple. Display a piece of lavender-inspired art that combines bold colors to set the mood for a vibrant dinner party.

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Lavender in Provence Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Purple Wall Decor & More

There’s no doubt that purple is having a major moment this year, but the question is, how does it best fit into your space? Lavender is a universally flattering color, and it is a suitable shade for any room in the house. Plus, who doesn’t want to be transported to the French countryside on a sparkling Spring day? Breathe in the scent of fresh lavender flowers, and picture yourself frolicking through the vast French fields. With these purple wall decor ideas, your guests will be crooning, “J’adore!”

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