Get Inspired by Colorful Living Room Decor

While neutrals continuously pop up in contemporary décor trends, 2021 is all about incorporating color. Don’t shy away from bright hues when adjusting your interior for the new year. Now is the perfect time to add a splash of color with wall art, furniture, or even an accent wall.

Achieve an on-trend living space by striking a balance between neutrals and saturated shades. Combine elegance with eclecticism for a living room that screams style.

Follow our guide to create a colorful living room based on upcoming trends.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is not a new concept, but it’s making a huge comeback in the new year. From fashion to design, the technique of placing contrasting colors side by side has always packed a stylish punch. For a truly 2021 take, utilize citrus-inspired shades next to colors like teal and turquoise. Make it feel like summer all year long with colors like lemon yellow and grapefruit pink. You can incorporate color blocking through wall paint, furniture, or design details. Choose a bright-colored sofa and paint the wall behind a complementary color. Pair unexpected pillows with a funky throw. The possibilities are endless with this timeless trend!

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Vibrant Trim

For a subtler approach, add a hint of vibrancy by repainting your trim! Cover your baseboards and window frames in an eye-catching color of your choice. This is a refined way to add bright colors without overwhelming your living space. It provides a clean look while not taking itself too seriously. A contrasting trim is both classy and playful at the same time!

Vivid Wall Art

An easy way to create a colorful space is to find a striking piece of wall art! We provide a catalog of vibrant canvas prints in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter your personal style, you’re bound to find a piece of colorful wall art for your living room that suits your space. Browse our “vibrant” wall art collection and find your perfect piece, whatever your existing aesthetic may be.

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A Pop of Color

Not quite ready to commit to an entire room full of bright colors? Just add a single pop! Create a focal point in your living room with either artwork or furniture. Choose a dramatic, red couch to display, or opt for a bright purple print to hang on a white wall. Enhance your neutral space with one, bold piece of art. Simply pick one element to wow your guests, and keep everything else looking natural.

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A Statement Piece

In the same vein as a pop of color, use a statement piece to give your interior some levity. A statement piece goes beyond just color, and also incorporates unique silhouettes and subjects. For example, a vintage stereo system painted electric blue, or a velvet tufted couch in apricot orange. This addition should be the ultimate conversation piece among guests.

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Contemporary Colors

Although modernism is often associated with soft, neutral shades, 2021 brings the bold colors to light. An upcoming trend pays homage to hues like magenta and mulberry. There is also an upcoming fascination with teal-tinted green. When shopping for colorful artwork for your living room, keep an eye out for colors that elicit a sense of serenity while still looking bold.

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Tinted Accent Walls

Our final tip is to utilize the ever-popular accent wall. A single wall painted in a contrasting color gives you the freedom to add your ideal daring hue. If your favorite shade is orange, paint a blank wall in a vibrant tangerine. If pink is more your vibe, go full-on fuchsia! Evoke a lively attitude in your living room with a wall that makes you feel energized.

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Colorful Living Room Ideas

These colorful living room ideas are perfect for the designer who’s ready to dip their toe into the wonderful world of color. Prep your space for the new year by making bold choices and exploring head-turning hues. Press “reset” on your living room, and don’t be afraid to experiment. 

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