Get Inspired by Indulgent Italian Decor

No one does extravagance quite like the Italians. Even rustic Italian interiors have an air of grandeur. With traditional details like marble pillars and dramatic arches, an Italian home calls for opulent elements. Although each Italian region has a different aesthetic, the country as a whole has a signature style. Passion, indulgence, and la dolce vita, Italian living is all about embracing excess. From terra-cotta tiles to expansive wall art, steal design inspiration from the Bel Paese.

Creating a Color Scheme

In contrast to the bold furnishings and architecture, Italian color schemes are more muted. Italians have struck the perfect balance between theatrical and sophisticated by pairing dramatic details with a neutral color palette. The trick to mastering the Italian color scheme is to keep everything warm-toned. Explore muted versions of warm colors like rust, beige, and gold. Swap out any silver accents for gold and bronze. Add terra-cotta tiles as a decorative backsplash. Imagine the hot Tuscan sun bathing your interior in a gilded light.

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Grandiose Lighting

Speaking of light, ensuring proper lighting is essential when curating an Italian-inspired space. For example, an ornate chandelier can totally transform your living room. Look for floor lamps with crystal details, and vintage chandeliers to hang in the center of the room. Tie your room together with gold-toned light fixtures.

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Design Inspo from Italy

Classic Italian Wall Art

Rome is called “The Eternal City” for a reason. From ancient times to the Renaissance, Italy has served as a capital for art and culture. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini…the list of renowned Italian artists goes on. An Italian home is incomplete without a large print of one of the classics. Explore canvases inspired by Botticelli and Caravaggio. Give your home a museum-like quality with one of these classic Italian paintings.

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Splurging on Furniture

When it comes to Italian décor, furniture is not the place to cut corners. Italians are known for using the finest fabrics and furnishings. Why not have quality AND quantity? Splurge on a buttery soft, leather sofa or a silk-satin chaise. If a piece of furniture makes you feel like royalty, you’re on the right track.

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Design Inspo from Italy

A Culinary Masterpiece

While the Tuscan-style kitchen has been persistently popular in the world of design, let us introduce you to a fresh Italian décor concept. In addition to the classic Tuscan rusticity, transform your cooking space with elements inspired by the Amalfi coast! A worldwide capital of citrus, the Amalfi coast is known for its dramatic coastlines and zesty lemon groves. Display a fresh bowl of lemons, and add a piece of wall art that celebrates citric vitality.

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Vibrant Vineyards

We can’t discuss Italian décor without mentioning wine! From Pinot Grigio to Chianti, Italy is filled with the world’s most beautiful vineyards. Wine itself makes a great accessory in an Italian-inspired home. Purchase vintage bottles of wine straight from Italy, and display them on a decorative wine rack. To get a similar effect, you can also hang a painting with wine as the primary subject.

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Italian Décor Ideas & More

Feel the spirit of the Italian Riviera every time you enter your home. You don’t need a plane ticket to experience the beauty of Italian interiors. From classic Italian wall art to flashy furniture, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Italian glamour into your living space. Your home should embody the phrase, “La vita e bella.” Life is beautiful, after all!

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