Get Inspired by the English Countryside

English countryside interiors are both rustic and refined. This fresh aesthetic is a combination of sophisticated shades and vintage details. If you’re in search of a style that is cozy and chic, consider this Cotswold-inspired trend. Make your home look equally quaint and expensive with a garden-infused color palette. English countryside style is the embodiment of livable luxury. Transport yourself to fields of green, and find the best wall art and décor for an English cottage interior.

Garden Shades

With a slightly more eclectic color palette than the ever-popular French countryside style, the English country decorating draws inspiration from overgrown gardens. This color palette is fresh, green, and full of subtle surprises. Use pastel blue and green as a bright base, and then add hints of jewel tones. Like wildflowers peeking out of a springtime meadow, it’s okay not to match your shades perfectly. Find a soft, cool shade that radiates tranquility, and then simply fill your space with colorful items that bring you joy.

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Vintage Furniture

For an authentic look, vintage furniture is a must. Look for Victorian-inspired pieces with unfinished wood. Keep your furniture low to the ground to create a cozy atmosphere. Choose curtains that are tall, light, and airy to contrast the low furniture and make your ceilings appear higher. Although you want to seek out antiques, you don’t want your furniture to look perfect. You want your space to look traditional but well-loved. Opt for comfy textiles and quirky patterns.

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English decor inspiration

Floral Patterns

Speaking of patterns, floral patterns are everywhere in traditional English countryside homes. From rugs to wall art, use antique floral patterns wherever you can. You want the suggestion of aromatic gardens to be inescapable throughout your space. Use wall art as another opportunity to add pops of color. Your interior should be a visual feast with patterns and texture to spare. There’s no such thing as “too much” when the décor you choose is tasteful.

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Cozy Nooks

Consciously cluttered is the phrase we’ve coined to describe this style. Don’t leave any space unused, and make sure there is more than plenty of seating. Every corner should be made into a cozy nook. Plus, don’t underestimate the visual power of books. A mini-library can capture the quaint, vintage aesthetic without breaking the bank. Set up a corner office for a practical use of empty space.

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English decor inspiration

Casual Kitchens

While the rest of the home might have Victorian details, the kitchen and the dining area should look entirely rustic. These communal areas are without frills, and for good reason. The unassuming kitchen has a distinct charm that emphasizes the relaxing nature of the English cottage decor. Ditch upper cabinets and let your spices and cookware stay visible. Hang dried flowers for a touch of modest décor, and hang a piece of wall art that blends with its surroundings. Cover your countertop in butchers block to distract from the modern appliances. For your dining space, use a farmhouse table for a classic English cottage decorating idea.

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English Country Decorating

We’re positively charmed by these English cottage decorating ideas, and it’s easy to see why. This laid-back look has just enough designer details to make for a dynamic home. For soft shades of green to bold floral patterns, this is one aesthetic that will never lose its appeal. The Cotswolds are just a few décor pieces away.  

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Annette Schmucker