If your home is charmingly compact, you have to get creative when it comes to décor. Just because your space is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are several things to consider when it comes to adorning your tiny home. From clever hacks to maximize space, to the best wall art for small spaces, there are tons of ways to turn your tiny home into a tiny masterpiece.

Chic Overhead Lighting

Because most tiny homes have more vertical space than horizontal, overhead lighting is a great way to incorporate a touch of elegance. Overhead lighting is preferable to standing lamps which can take up unnecessary space. Hang a crystal chandelier in the center of your space to add an ethereal glow and a sense of refinement. If you’re seeking a more modern look, consider a contemporary chandelier in a Mid-mod style.

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Decor ideas for a tiny home

A Cozy Creation

The benefit of a tiny home is the inherently cozy feel. Maximize the coziness by layering plush textiles. If you have a sleeping loft, pile white woolen blankets on top of each other and embrace the shabby-chic style. Add a plethora of pillows to optimize comfort, and don’t be too precious when it comes to layering. The benefit of a sleeping loft is that a laid-back style is encouraged.

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decor ideas for tiny homes

Cleverly Conceal Storage

If you live in a tiny home, you know that it’s important to get creative when it comes to storage. Often times you have to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of storing your possessions. However, you can easily turn your storage spaces into a style statement. Hang a piece of wall art in front of any unsightly belongings. This hack is especially useful as multi-tasking small bathroom wall decor. Choose an abstract piece that distracts from the area you want to hide, and don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant colors.

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Keep it Light & Bright

The rule of thumb when it comes to decorating small spaces is to keep your décor light and bright. Use colors like sky blue and true white to maximize the illusion of space. Add mirrors to reflect natural light, and replace heavy curtains with sheer, gauzy drapes. If you're looking for small dining room wall decor, seek out wall art with a white base, and use light wood for furniture. If possible, adding skylights can also create a brighter home without taking up any room or storage space.

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Complete the Look

It’s all in the details when it comes to making a tiny house feel like a home. Because you can’t decorate with many pieces of furniture, focus on wall décor. Hang floating shelves to display your favorite accessories, and use antiques to add character to your space. Opt for hanging plants to add a hint of nature to your interior. Most importantly, use wall art for the ultimate space-saving décor.

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Pro Tips

Interior designer Yoko Chow shares her top tiny home tips for creating a stylish, multi-use space specific to your needs:

“The Tiny Home market has been going through remarkable developments over the past decade as an emerging lifestyle. During the pandemic, it is continuing to exhibit record growth. The best way to decorate this space depends on the purpose of your Tiny Home. Is it the foundation of your life, or merely a space to supplement the new need?

If the former, one should ensure every element executes its function. However, that does not mean you must sacrifice luxury to decorate the space. Given most elements will be custom designed for efficient use of a space, you can carefully choose finishes including texture and colors to fit with your preference.

If the latter, since you do not need to include multiple functions in the space, you have a bit more flexibility to be creative with the walls. In fact, if [you are using it as a tiny work space] with a desk and shelves, a piece of wall art will help to add characteristic to the space as well as looking to stand out when participating on an online meeting.”

Small Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating a tiny home may seem like a creative challenge, but it’s all about being resourceful. Use your wall space for décor, and always think vertically. Use predominantly light, cheerful colors to keep your space from looking closed in. Elevating your tiny home is as easy as hanging a modern chandelier and a few vibrant pieces of wall art. Revamping a mini-house is all about the little things – literally! Don’t be afraid to personalize your décor. Thoughtful (tiny) touches will undoubtedly take your interior design to the next level.

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