Pet parents, out there! You can own a furry friend and a gorgeous home, too.
Although pets make their fair share of messes, the trick is to incorporate elements that are durable, functional, and easy to clean. Choose home accessories and furniture that are friendly to your pet and keep them close to you.
Just in time for the National Love Your Pet Day, we bring you the best pet-friendly home decorating ideas that you and your pet would love.

Pet Furniture

Choose a dedicated piece of furniture for your furry companion or choose furniture that serves dual purposes. The rocking chair and a dog house sofa give your pet a cozy space to relax. Cats love tight spaces to crawl and hide in. So choose the right furniture depending on the pet you own. Some best examples of pet furniture are cat-friendly modular bookshelf, a dog house sofa, pet and owner rocking chair, table hammock, bedside dog house, etc.

Window View

Think of suitable fixtures alongside the window to make this more likely to impress! Also, you may have to consider external shutters to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Pets spend most of their time indoors. But they love being outdoor! So providing your lovely companion with a pleasurable outdoor view from your home is a great idea. Have windows overlooking your boulevard or backyard to give your pet great moments. Moreover, it helps reduce boredom and anxiety in pets.

Animal-Themed Accents

Give homage to your pet by having animals’ impressions in art, wallpaper, and textiles. You can find home décor accents accented with dogs, cats, or animal prints or a simple spotted print on a rug or fabric. Many pet lovers are choosing pillows, bedding, shower curtains, or artwork that match the breed of their pet. If you want to take a more understated approach, dedicating an entire wall to your pet can be a subtle way to give the nod to your pet.

Adorable Pups Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Animal Wall Art

If you are planning to dedicate a wall to your pet, an animal wall art is a must! If you own a cat, choose a cat-inspired piece; if you own a dog, choose dog-inspired wall art, and so on. You have countless choices when it comes to buying the right animal wall arts that best depicts your love for animals or your pet. You can hang these art pieces anywhere in your home – living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even your kitchen.

Cat Curiosity Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Mindful Flooring

Brighten up your room with the easy and simple addition of an area rug. But every pet owner knows that their four-legged friend tends to track outdoor things inside with them. These things can be snow, mud, dirt, etc. So choose a material that is easy to clean. For instance, polyester rugs and outdoor fabrics are easy to clean. Moreover, these are durable enough to withstand regular cleanings. Also, choose darker colors in areas with heavy human and pet traffic.

Wrapping Up

This upcoming Love Your Pet Day, give a special focus on your home, to make it pleasant for your furry friend and tidy enough for you and your family. So with these practical and easy home decorating ideas, you can own a tidy and stylish home.



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