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The design of a hotel is imperative to draw in guests. A hotel is about more than having a place to rest and unwind, it’s an entire experience. From the moment your guests step in the door, they should have a strong sense of your brand. Each room should be carefully curated to reflect the character of your hospitality space. The first step is to define your desired aesthetic. How do you want your guests to feel when they step through the front door? Is your hotel a sophisticated, swanky space or a laid-back, boutique environment? We’ve highlighted our favorite hotel wall decor/design theme combos for modern hotel interiors. Elevate your hospitality business with the right accessories. 

Dark and Moody Hotel Lobby Wall Decor Ideas

2023 is all about taking design risks. This year, the top interior designers have predicted a shift back to bold, moody tones. While natural tones were all the rage post-pandemic, the world is ready for a touch of something more daring and dramatic! Add a splash of dark grey or black to your space for a truly contemporary feel. Gold and metallic details will add a hint of high-end glamour. If you’re lucky enough to have a lobby with a plethora of natural light, you can play with dark tones and still maintain a bright space. If your foyer or lobby doesn’t have large windows, you can still play with moody colors. The key is to add splashes of natural hues through greenery or wood for a perfect balance.

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Hotel Lobby Wall Art Ideas in Chic Cool Colors

You can’t go wrong with cool colors. There’s a reason why so many interior designers suggest cool tones for hospitality spaces. Colors like blue and green are a foolproof way to ensure your guests feel relaxed as soon as they enter your hotel. Color psychology tells us that cool colors can instantly put your mind at ease. If your hotel is supposed to be a serene escape from reality, consider modern pieces in shades like teal, mint, aqua, and palm green. For a modern touch, hang a piece of digital wall art. AI-generated artwork is all the rage due to its fascinating digital quality. Choose a piece that is otherworldly and visually dynamic to ensure a contemporary look.

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Calm and Contemporary Hotel Wall Decor Ideas

Another way to curate a calming space is to choose a piece of wall art that is inspired by serene nature scenes. If your hotel or vacation rental is near the ocean or a lake, it’s important to let your interior reflect your location. When guests enter your hotel, they want to feel like they are getting to completely experience the locale. Pair your relaxing print with modern furniture for the perfect blend between classic and contemporary.

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A Pop of Color with Hotel Wall Art Trends

There are two ways to make your walls pop with color. The first is to choose a vibrant piece of wall art. This is a super easy way to give your hotel a hint of visual interest. If you’re looking for another way to make your interior stand out, consider this: Rather than using wall art as your pop of color, why not hang a neutral print over a bold accent wall? Paint a single wall in an eye-catching hue like deep green, navy blue, or ruby red. Then, choose a trendy neutral print to complete the look.

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best hotel lobby decor ideas

Hotel Room Art Ideas for a European Touch

Your interior design shouldn’t stop at the lobby! While the entrance is super important when it comes to defining your aesthetic, you also need to pay close attention to the guest rooms. After all, this is the space where your clientele will be spending the most amount of time. Create a small sitting area with a piece of wall art hung over a loveseat, chair, or sofa. Choose a piece of wall art inspired by the quaint streets of Europe for a cultured touch.

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More Hotel Wall Decoration Ideas

There are endless ways to boost the appeal of your hotel or hospitality space. In the age of Instagram and Tiktok, the aesthetic value of your space is more important than ever. Give your hotel lobby or guest room the perfect finishing touch with a piece of wall art. Choose artwork that represents all that your hotel has to offer. For more top trending interior design ideas, check out our decor inspiration blog. We update our blog with new articles every week. If you would like a personalized design consultation for your business, contact our design team through our B2B page.

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