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So you purchased a wall art! Awesome! Wall art is an excellent way to amp up the look and feel of any space. Now you have hung the piece of art on the wall, and you’re done! Do you think so? Well, no!
The next job begins! You can accentuate the charm of your newly-hung art with another art project. Go for something that makes your art shine and stand out.
Beautiful wall art can enliven your space, but when you accent your wall art, it can make it a great focal point of your room where you have hung it.

In this post, we will share some easiest and effective ways to accent your newly-hung art!

Let’s have a look:

Use The Right Lighting

Beautiful and appropriate lighting can add life to your space instantly. Good lighting also enhances the mood. But it is crucial to remember that not everyone has the same taste. Also, not one size fits all when choosing the right lighting for your artwork. Let us guide you on this!
Place ceiling-mounted light above the wall art in a way so that the light beam hits the center of the art.
You can choose track-lighting for a cleaner and more minimalist look. Equipped with right lamps, track lighting can work as ceiling-mounted accent lighting, but with more effectiveness.
You can choose picture lights mounted on the frames of the artwork. This type of lighting will lend a sense of intimacy to your space while inviting you to stand close for a better look. For large-scale artworks, you can choose large picture lights that can illuminate great expanses.

Sunrays On Savanna Fields Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Color the wall 

Just imagine an all-white wall, accentuated with a wall art painted in bold colors like blank, navy, and orange? Now, imagine a black textured wall that features neutral colored wall art. Sounds interesting, right?
First, choose the right wall for adding your wall art. Adding pops of colors around your wall art will add interesting architectural detailing.
If you feel a bit hesitant about adding bold shades, you should not be. The best part is you can always change the color if you don’t like it. But honestly, bold looks great! For instance, you can add blues, teams, and violets to lend a relaxing look to your space. Nothing is brighter than reds, oranges, and gold.
You can avoid your space from being overpowering by having neutral tones such as beige, taupe, and off white. But make sure you choose this paint only when your piece of art is bold and vibrant in coloring.

Deer Deco Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Add a Big Plant 

If your newly-hung art features a natural element, such as ocean, hills, or anything alike, it’s time to run the horse of your imaginations. Close your eyes and imagine what would go in pair with the element. Most of you would answer this – a plant!
Yes, greenery is an indispensable natural element. So pair your artwork with a big plant in the corner. It can be a natural plant or something made of faux.
Depending on the colors of your artwork, you can choose the appropriate colorful plants or something that is all green. For instance, if you have natural wall art that features water, a big and tall green plant beside it on the floor will do the job.
Some recommended plants you can pair with your art are a large architectural plant, like Cimicifuga or a single white plant. You can also choose a group of plants such as a cluster of bleeding-heart and ferns.
In this scenario, positioning is equally important. There is no golden rule! The right placement of your plant depends on the plant choices and size.

Silent Forest Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Decorative and stylish mirrors make a piece of art on their own. But you can use them to accentuate the charm added by your artwork. For instance, if you have a big piece of art, surround it with small mirrors. And, if you have a small piece of art, then you can place one mirror on both sides of the art.
Besides their intended purpose, mirrors add something miraculous to your home décor, when framed in an intriguing manner. They can make your space look bigger and appealing.
In fact, stylish mirrors surrounding art in your bathroom also work wonderfully by adding an illusion of depth to this room.
Fortunately, you have countless options when it comes to choosing mirrors, in terms of style, material, and colors. Choose something that complements your newly-hung piece of art.

 Calming Lavender Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Wrapping Up

Your job does not end when you have hung your newly-bought artwork. In fact, you can think out of the box and accentuate the overall look even more. You can choose store-bought décor accents or something made by your own hands.



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