How to Add Renaissance Pink to Your Home

In the modern world of design, there are endless shades of pink to choose from. However, this classic color wasn’t always readily available. In fact, pink wasn’t a part of standard color palettes until the Renaissance. Renaissance pink was created by blending Venetian Red and St. John’s White. It quickly caught on as the hottest color in fashion and in fine art. Looking back at the Renaissance period, it’s easy to fall in love with this warm shade of baby pink. Learn how to incorporate the iconic “Renaissance pink” shade through wall art and light pink room ideas.

Incorporate Classics

Take the Renaissance trend literally, and hang a piece of classic artwork. Choose a historic Renaissance-Era print with a pop of pink. Whether you prefer the Birth of Venus or The Last Supper, there are plenty of options to complement your current décor. From Botticelli to da Vinci, these prints will set the tone for your entire interior. Emphasize the splash of pink with pastel furniture and warm pink pillows. Create a grey base to modernize the overall look, and let the hint of pink remain the center of attention.

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Rosy Furniture

The Renaissance Era is famous for the ornate furniture that filled the homes of the elite. Find a tufted piece of furniture upholstered in velvet. Not only is velvet a timeless fabric, but it adds a sophisticated sheen to the classic Renaissance pink. Look for a bed frame in a pale pink tone with ivory and beige details. Keep your bedding and textiles predominantly neutral in order not to distract from the pretty pink hues.

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How to Add Renaissance Pink to Your Home

Trendy meets Traditional

There are several ways to blend current trends with Renaissance details. Hang a print that incorporates Renaissance-inspired rose tones. Pepper pink accessories throughout your space, and try not to concentrate the color all in one place. Avoid too much visual clutter, and pair these blush hues with low, modern furniture.

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Saturate Your Space

For those who want to stray away from the minimalist trend, consider filling your space with Renaissance pink from floor to ceiling. Include the antique-style tufted furniture, and add piles of pink textiles. Hang pale pink curtains and paint your walls to match. In order to avoid an overly frilly look, make sure the pink tones are warm and slightly muted. A well-lit interior is essential when executing this look.

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How to Add Renaissance Pink to Your Home

A Modern Twist

Just because you’re a self-professed modernist, doesn’t mean you can’t include classic design elements. Hang a light pink painting that puts a modern twist on classic Renaissance history.  Look for prints that put a cheeky perspective on fine art. Pair your new piece of wall art with light pink accents. Hang sheer curtains in a pastel pink hue, and place soft pink flowers around your space.

Light Pink Room Decor & More

There are plenty of shades of blushing decor, but none compare to the original Renaissance pink. Few shades exude so much class and effortless sophistication. There’s a reason why this shade was reserved for royalty. Whether your home is modern or traditional, this soft, warm pink can breathe new life into your space. If you’re looking for a simple, chic way to revive your interior, consider incorporating these light pink room ideas. This shade is soft enough not to overwhelm your space, but punchy enough to give it a brand-new look. Find the perfect pastel aesthetic room decor for your home today. 

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