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If you have a particularly tall wall that looks a little empty, we have tons of creative solutions. Overall, wall art is a great way to create a warm and welcoming space. However, it’s important to consider what kind of wall art will best suit your space. For a tall, narrow wall, you want to make sure to choose the right layout and dimensions. The biggest design mistake you can make is choosing a piece that is too small or disproportionate to your space. We’re going to walk you through our top picks for how to decorate tall walls with affordable, simple options!

How to Decorate Tall Walls: Vertical Solutions

Selecting a solid, one-piece canvas with a vertical layout offers an elegant solution for decorating a tall wall. This choice infuses your living space with a timeless and refined ambiance, effortlessly elevating your overall interior. The vertical orientation seamlessly balances the height of the wall, creating a sense of poise and proportion in the room. While the temptation to hang the canvas high may arise, you should resist the urge! Opting for a placement that maintains eye level engagement ensures optimal appreciation of the artwork's details and overall impact, enhancing the visual allure of your home.

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how to decorate tall walls

How to Decorate a Two Story Wall: Custom Photo Tiles

When faced with the task of embellishing a two-story wall, it can seem like your options are limited. But don’t fret! Our custom photo tiles offer a versatile and budget-friendly solution. First of all, you can stick our tiles directly to your wall! These lightweight tiles boast the convenience of effortless installation, allowing you the freedom to arrange them in any configuration that suits your unique vision. Their affordability also enables you to select multiple tiles without exceeding your budgetary constraints, giving you ultimate creative liberty. Have fun experimenting with various layouts and designs to personalize your space. The flexibility to rearrange the tiles however you want ensures that you can adapt and refine the display to fit with your evolving preferences over time. Custom photo tiles can provide a dynamic and ever-changing backdrop! Plus, you can print your precious memories with friends and family directly on the tiles. These are the perfect option for adaptability, easy hanging, and a totally one-of-a-kind look.

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How to Decorate a Tall Narrow Wall: Stacked Vertical Prints

Transforming a tall, narrow wall into a captivating focal point is no easy task, but our split-canvas, stacked vertical prints are a great option to consider. The strategic separation of the images creates an illusion of expansiveness, effectively maximizing the perceived space. We recommend sticking to a 2-inch gap between panels for a professional appearance. For exceptionally lofty walls, a slightly larger gap may be permissible, but maintaining cohesion among the panels is paramount for a harmonious aesthetic. This method not only enhances the visual appeal of the wall but also offers a versatile canvas for showcasing intricate artwork or stunning photography, elevating the ambiance of any room with a touch of sophistication and depth!

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how to decorate a tall wall

How to Decorate Tall Living Room Walls: Six-Piece Vertical Set

Our six-piece canvas sets present an ideal solution for decorating a tall living room wall, flawlessly achieving a difficult balance between horizontal and vertical space. Their expansive vertical coverage complements lofty ceilings, guaranteeing a visually pleasing and proportionate aesthetic. If you’re wondering how to decorate a tall wall above a fireplace, or you just want to add visual interest to your towering living room walls, these sets seamlessly integrate with the room's dimensions. Give your main living space an instant boost of warmth and character. With their versatility and ability to command attention, our canvas sets offer a captivating focal point while effortlessly transforming any area into a creative, well-designed space.

P.S. Our six-piece sets come in a variety of playful designs, creating a gallery wall-inspired appearance. This look is super trendy for 2024!

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how to decorate a tall narrow wall

Tall Walls Deserve Designer Touches Too!

Don't sweat it if you've got a tall wall staring you down – it's just begging for a makeover! There's a whole world of canvas layouts waiting to jazz up that vertical space, no matter your style. Whether you're all about that sleek and chic vibe or you're into something more funky and eclectic, there's a setup that's perfect for you. So, why not turn that towering blank canvas into a fun project? Get your creative juices flowing, experiment with different arrangements, and let your personality shine through your decor!  Don't shy away from the opportunity to make a bold statement; instead, embrace the potential of your vertical space to elevate the ambiance of your room to new heights.

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